The Epic Dream

Introducing PlayStation 4ps4noconsole

by Elena Sanchez

Imagine a utopia where imagination is unlimited, creativity is unbarred, and a dream becomes interactive. With unreal technology that the ps4 provides, players can now breathe life into their wildest dreams. Sony’s PlayStation4, scheduled to be released holiday of 2013, is the key to the next big step in the evolution of gaming. The masterminds responsible for the PlayStation4 have discovered and executed the perfect harmony between hardware, software, capabilities etc… of the PlayStation4, that when unified, create dreamlike experiences that can only be experienced through the PS4.

The PlayStation’s finest collection of technology and content is finally here. There are so many new ideas encompassed in this great piece of gear, it would take the actual experience to fully appreciate its illusory capabilities.

To begin, there are several new features introduced to the PlayStation Network. One of the social aspects of the network include a new “share button” built in the DualShock 4 controller. This button allows players to instantly upload their gameplay recordings- as lead system architect Mark Cerny describes it, players simply “hit the share button, scan through the last few minuets of gameplay, pick a portion, tag it, [then] return to gameplay.” This means that any player can upload their gameplay videos.

In addition, players can now browse the live gameplay of their friends at that exact moment. There is even an option to comment while their friend is playing. But, the masterminds didn’t stop there, they made it possible to where, if a player becomes stuck in a game, they can pass the controller to a friend on their PSN, who has already completed the game, and allow them to takeover. Imagine handing your controller to your friend on the couch, but over the Internet; players can now reach out through PSN and take the controller. These new features support the idea David Perry, the CEO of GaiKai, expressed in the PlayStation 4 conference that, “Nothing would come between the platform and the joy of playing.”

The PlayStation 4 has taken an approach to an enhanced system performance with the word “immediate” in mind. Coming in this new age, with all of its’ new technology, it is expected to be swift, powerful, and accessible, which is exactly what the PS4 creators have done. It has new reduced lag time for its basic functions. For example, players may stop their gameplay by pressing the power button, then resume at the exact spot where they left off just by pressing the same button instantly; the minuets it takes a console to boot and the time it takes to load a saved game are a thing of the past.

As expected, things didn’t stop there. This mind-boggling piece of gear allows players to perform background downloads/updates even with the power off. But wait, here’s one of the juiciest bits: Digital titles are now playable even as they are being downloaded. This means players can download a game, but before it even finishes full installation, players can begin the experience by playing during the downloading process without lag or delay.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the ps4 is the new, crisp experience it offers to players. Graphics have truly evolved from console to console, and in the early years of the console, only 350 polygons were supported . That number has drastically increased to 30,000 polygons with the new PS4. The graphics that the system offers provide a surreal, unheard of new experience that enhances the overall emotional tug that game creators strive for.

Some new titles to be expected with the release of the PS4 include “Knack”, “Driveclub”, “Infamous: Second Son”, “The Witness”, “Destiny”, “Watchdog”, and “Killzone: Shadow Fall”.

The PS4’s new and improved Dualshock 4 controller comes equipped with insane new attributes. The most noticeable new addition is the touchpad in the center of the controller, where the select, start, and PS buttons normally rest. There is a headphone jack installed on the controller as well as a new light bar that is used to determine the location of the controller. The share button, also a new addition, is the perfect new feature to expand the PlayStation Nation, seeing as it allows players to better connect with their circle of PSN friends.

Overall, the PlayStation 4 is truly the next step in the world of gaming. The new ideas it brings to the world allow players to play through a whole new experience never before felt until now with its new technology which will allow the unthinkable in possibilites. The well anticipated PS4 is truly a revolutionary instrument; elegant yet simplistic, it has captured the essence of what imagination truly is.




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My Rights, Your Rights, Who’s Rights

Obama and gunby Chandler Claxton


Many Americans have been exercising their 1st amendment right by voicing their opinions, whether for or strictly against, Obama’s gun control policy.  Many other Americans are unsure of what this control policy has to offer.

The White House Communications Staff has consistently spammed the web with Obama’s unconstitutional Gun Control Ban.  The policy demands more intense background checks to “keep guns out of dangerous hands”, a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, safer schools, and an increase access to mental health records of possible would be gun owners.

While I do agree with Obama’s plan for more thorough background checks when trying to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun, I do feel that it is an inalienable right to refuse someone their right to own a gun, especially when the president, himself, has a heavily armed security detail to protect him and his family. His actions sometimes speak louder than his words.

The president is supposed to be a spokesperson for the American people; to uphold American values, and to establish legitimate government policies that represent the people as a whole, not to represent the agenda’s of the few simply because they have been victims of fatal events that even a government can’t control.  I guess it’s easy for someone to lobby for excessive gun control when it’s not your family that is unsecured and unprotected by firearms. If the president, and his family, has the right to be protected by assault rifles, then so should I.

As for keeping guns out of “dangerous hands”, I feel that task is impossible. Any gun can be dangerous if used in the wrong manner, therefore in anyone’s hands, a gun could be considered dangerous. In the hands of an unsupervised child a BB gun can become a dangerous weapon.  So what does that mean for the average American gun owner?

What about the owners of weapons that Obama considers being “military-style assault” weapons? Our founding fathers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights made it our right to own weapons to protect ourselves against peoples and governments that may try and over power us and take away our freedom and independence.  Don’t get me wrong, freedom comes at a price, but what price will we pay as a nation if we are forced to give up our rights to defend ourselves and protect those we love?

Obama’s administration having a “hand” on what type of gun your allowed to control is exactly what they want because it would give our government the total control of who can and would be allowed to own such weapons.  Don’t let false headlines and heart-wrenching events, such as Sandy Hook Elementary; haze your view on your right to own a gun.

If guns are truly the cause of unwarranted tragedies then are pencils the cause of misspelled words?  Lets put this whole argument into prospective and bite the bullet.

Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.  Taking away an individuals right to own an instrument that will and can take a life and protect one’s self and family from evil and a tyrant government will not stop people from killing people and it will not stop people from owning weapons.  All it will do is create mass chaos in a semi-controlled society.

Our government can continue to pass laws all day long and continue to chip away at our rights and freedoms in the name of “protecting” us but, until they are forced to abide by those same laws then who is really protecting who?

It is my opinion that as long as we live in a world where evil is present the killing will not stop, and the only solution I have found to rid us of all evil is to rid us of ourselves completely.



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The “Happy” Gap

Untitled1“Teens Starving Themselves for the Thigh Gap”

by Chassidy Taylor

In the early 2000’s we had “purging”, this was the act of sticking your finger down your throat to regurgitate the newly eaten remnants of a meal to keep that girly figure,  all for the sack of our teen girls keeping up with the idealistic perception that to be beautiful you must be a living, breathing, walking, talking “Barbie” doll.

Now a new trend is surfacing that seems to leave more mouth dropping backlash.  It is known as “The Happy Gap”. It is a new,  but odd fascination splitting into teens perception of what classifies them as among the beautiful and highly worshiped models of today’s fashion and beauty industry. This “happy gap” is the space between the upper thigh area of the legs.  But what price are these young women paying to have this all but odd and unusual “gap” that seems to split them from the rest? And is this the new fad for sexy and beautiful?

According to the Toronto Sun, glamorized and glorified, teens are copying thigh gaps sported by skinny fashion models and celebrities, by dieting, exercising and outright starving themselves so their thighs don’t touch. And they share their pain, pleasure and pictures on countless forums.  Shocking images of impossibly thin thighs and alarming declarations of self-body hatred are trending worldwide, filling web pages, and Twitter profiles, dedicated to the elusive gap, like those of models Cara Delavigne and Kate Moss, and Eleanor Calder, girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

Here at Mesquite High School teen girls find it devastating how someone could just starve themselves for a long period of time just to get a models “happy gap.” Around campus I spoke with several female students, and even one male, and got their opinions on if the “happy gap” is all that appealing.

“I think if your naturally skinny, be happy, and if your heavy just make the best of it.” junior Ta’cory Rone said.  The girls here at MHS seem very baffled by this odd new trend.  “I think it is stupid, and immature that they choose to starve themselves to look like someone else”, Cynthia Bocangera said.  “I think they should live their life and be happy with the body God gave them.”

I believe that if girls my age want to lose weight they should eat healthy and exercise instead of starving themselves just because of some stupid gap between their legs.  My advice,  learn to love your body, and if you don’t, then put in the work to lose the weight, but don’t risk your health just to look pretty, remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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Spring “Clean-UP”


Spring….for most of us this is our favorite time of year.  A time of renewal.  A time to open up the windows and air out the house, a time to clean out and organize, a time to regroup and resize, a time for birth and rebirth.  Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and the weather is getting warmer.

Closets, sheds, and garages are screaming clean me, organize me, put me back in order.  But have you ever stopped to think that during this “clean-up” season, when we are cleaning our homes for their beauty make-over, that our bodies are also in desperate need of a “clean-up” as well.  Many of us think that in order to “clean-up” the body we must start with an exercise regimen. Exercise is a leading cure to what ills most of us, but for others it could be simply cleaning out that over stuffed medicine cabinet or drawer and organizing healthy habits back into our daily routines.

How many times have you been drawn in by advertisements that guarantee a longer happier life simply by taking this vitamin and/or mineral and/or supplement? How many of us stock pile these bottles of so called “fountain of youth” remedies to find that our medicine cabinets are bursting at the seams with half filled bottles of over the counter supplements and prescription drugs that have long passed their shelf life?

How many times have you began a New Year resolution with a new exercise and body “health” kick and stocked up on every vitamin and mineral that was advertised to give you longer health, healthier hair, extended beauty, etc…?  We are all victims of “the fountain of youth” remedies in our Barbie Doll society.

So when you are cleaning out your closets and your garages for the spring “clean-up” remember to add your medicine cabinet to that make-over.  Health and beauty does not start in a bottle; it starts with a healthy attitude and an exercise regimen that fits your personal lifestyle and schedule.

The next time you are siting up watching late night info-mercials due to insomnia,  remember that your medicine cabinet and your wallet will appreciate it if you could follow these three simple steps….lift, click and read.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your health is in the hands of your doctor…follow his regimen and leave that medicine cabinet space for what really fixes your aliments.

from the Editor.



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The Hunger Games Trilogy

Hunger Games Trilogy

courtesy of Vanna Watson


A country born from the ashes of war.

It is ruled by a single body, a place called the Capitol. Only the privileged get to live there, basking in the wealth and riches that came with a sheltered life.

The rest of the population was split into different districts. Each district was given a job, a job that the rich gained from and the poor lost from.

For example: District Four was given the task of fishing and such, Eleven: agriculture, Twelve the mining of coal. And even though the districts manufactured these goods, they got to keep little. Instead most of the resources went to the Capitol, supporting those whose have more than they really need.

At first, there was thirteen districts in all but they soon grew restless of the Capitol’s control and rebelled. Twelve districts were quelled but the thirteenth was destroyed, now only ruins; a dark reminder of why rebellion is not an option.

Soon after, the Hunger Games were formed. It was stated that every citizen between the ages of twelve and eighteen were to have their names entered into a reaping. Then, on Reaping Day, one boy and one girl will be chosen to be entered into the Hunger Games, a terrible thing where families are forced to watch their children fight for their life’s in an arena controlled by the Capitol.

Only one will be crowned victor, where they are granted a grand house and money. To some, this seems like the best thing ever. But to others, it is saddening; having such nice things like food and a warm house, while the rest of the people in the district suffer from starvation and death.

Join Katniss Everdeen, as she struggles to fight for her family, friends, and her life. She will need to keep her sanity if she’s going to survive in this cruel world and still retain her sense of self by the end of it.

Suzanne Collins has most defiantly out done herself with this trilogy, it is sure to top the popularity charts with tweens and teens alike.


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Girls Got Game

Girl Gamers

by: Elena Sanchez

What’s the best thing to do on a rainy day? Why, cuddle up with a good game, of course! Typically, guys are the ones stereotyped as adamant videogame players. Everyday, tons of guys switch on their systems, pickup their controllers, and put on their headsets-but, who’s to say that girls don’t do the same? It’s a new age, and girls are slowly but surely picking up their controllers and putting on their game face too.

According to the Gamer Girl Classifications from the TV network Lifetime, there is no one set type of  “girl gamer”. Instead, five categories separate each type.  To all the gamer girls out there, check out which type you are:

The first category, which makes up 25% gamer girls, is the “Competitor”. These girls are usually social butterflies, younger, and tend to gravitate towards the “guy games”. They love a good challenge, for instance in strategy games.  They won’t hesitate to start up a challenge, and generally speak their mind.

The second category, which makes up 16% of gamer girls, is the “Immersive” type. These ladies are similar to competitors in that they immerse themselves in their games. They tend not to be as social and play by themselves, though. Their game time is aimed to relieve anxiety. These types of gamer girls are typically single and unmarried. Their game preferences center around RPG/FPS games because it allows them to be in control.

The third category, which makes up 24% of gamer girls, is called the “Minders”. These women tend to be older and not as social. They are typically satisfied with their lives, and game for themselves. They appreciate the challenge of the casual game.

The fourth category, which makes up 19% of the gamer girls, is called the “Bonder”. These ladies aren’t immersed in their games, unlike competitors. They tend to be social butterflies, and play games that allow them to bond with their family and friends. They enjoy the fun games have to offer with others who are close to them, but won’t game for the challenge or experience. They prefer socializing with other players.

The last category, which makes up 16% of gamer girls, is called the “Dabbler”. Dabblers game to pass the time, and don’t take any particular interest in socializing or competing. They see gaming as a pastime activity, and gravitate towards the simple puzzle games and card games.

In a nutshell, there are many different kinds of gamer girls who come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, just like guy gamers. Who knows, maybe someday videogames won’t be stereotyped as a “guy thing” anymore. Well…it doesn’t hurt to dream. So, nevertheless, gamer girls: which category do you fall under?

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Spring Break On a Budget

by Chassidy Taylor

Spring break is probably one of the most popular “travel” breaks durning the school year.  The significance of the break is that it marks the end of the cold winter and the start of warmer weather. Students and teachers alike enjoy having that mini mental shut down.  It is a time to regroup and recoup.  But many of us can’t afford those luxury beach trips and out of the country extravaganzas so here is a list of fun inexpensive ideas for ways to spend your “mental” down time.

10 Things to do over Spring Break

1) Take in the arts, visit  local museums

2) Hangout with friends and family

3) Join a book club

4) Become a movie critic for a day and bring a friend

5) Go camping at a local park or recreation area

6) Become a food connoisseur and try a new restaurant every day of the week

7) Cruise the local thrift shops for new treasures

8) Take a picnic to a local park or lake

9) Visit a local day spa and treat yourself to a quite relaxing atmosphere

10) Take a road trip and visit small forgotten places off the beaten path

If these things don’t bring you the necessary sabbatical you are longing for then simply stay home, kick your feet, up and enjoy the lazy days with your favorite pass-time.






Do Not Be a Tamed Lion or Lioness

by: Douglas Ackerman lion

We’re all nearing an end to free education, almost into adulthood. We hate every waking second of it, time is flying and passing you by.

Ideas of college, SAT and ACT, FAFSA, and scholarships are being shoved into our heads. All this worry and stress we just want to quit;  just run away from all of the “Deceit”.

Live life how you want too.  One day you will be sixty years old, your parents will be gone and you will be siting back thinking “Did I do what I wanted to do?”.

We all get the first 22 years of our life being youthful. Savor the time you get. There isn’t much of it to be enjoyed.

When I walk in the halls of our school, people are so pesimistic about nearly everything. I hear time and time again, like an echo…“Life is out to get me.” Life is not out to get you,  take charge of your life, get up and make something of yourself.

So you want to be an environmentalist, an author, a plumber, a teacher, an archaeologist, a neurosurgeon, or even a movie star… do the work and get it done.

Do not second best your life to make your parents or grandparents happy. One day they will be gone, your happiness is very important. They will come to know that what you decide is best for you. They give you a plan so you would not fail, in fear and faith; trying to help. Accept their care for you, but make the decision of your deepest desire, within reason, for YOU. Nothing unlawful of course. The keys of ivory are playing a sweet melody, begging you to fight for your dreams. Is life not about “Going big or going home.” “Put up or shut up”.

 “How many years have passed me by,  Since I’ve stopped to take a look at all the changes in my life?  So many friends have come and gone.  But all those summer nights still burn inside my lungs.”

-Cobwebs by Motionless In White.

How your life starts is something you should be selfish with;  perfection is a frail disguise by the media. Doing what someone else wants you to do, that is living your life through their missed opportunites or broken dreams,… it is your turn to expierence, your life,  it is YOUR time. Is that what you would want? To live in the same footsteps of another?

The pressure is getting stronger, the pain is lasting longer. Surprise after suprise, no antidote to the demise. Seems all is hopeless. Do not forget the traditional American value, with hard work comes success. Determination pays. So NEVER give in.


Hello…..Moe’Skeeter here…welcome to the NEW Swarm newspaper.

I would like to invite you to an interactive part of our newspaper.  This is where questions can be asked, and concerns can be discussed.  However, I must inform you that by no means am I qualified to give you legal or medical advice, I am only here as an ear and a shoulder, and when possible I will give you good sound advice, but what you do with it is totally your choice.

My column  is strictly for entertainment purposes.

So if your friends won’t tell you ” those pants make your backside look big”, or “those green pumps don’t go with that purple dress”, or “how to organize your over stuffed closet on a dime” or cool tips on how to create a study group and make all your teachers see the budding student you have become, then give me a shout…I will be glad to help you out and even give you a few extra pointers here and there.

See you in the “funny” pages.

Moe’ SkeeterFinalMoeSkeeter-1.jpg

Loss but not Defeated

Story by Bianca Avila and Jasmine Vasquez

Basketball is not only a game of skill and teamwork but at Mesquite High School it is a way of life for some players. The most important game of the season is the game played against Horn High.  The MHS basketball team went into this intense basketball game with a record of 10-1, trying to make it a record of 11-1.

With all the anxiety that goes into preparing for such a game the Swarm Press wanted to get a personal perspective on what some of the players feel before stepping onto the court for such an event.

During an interview with several players before the big game the positive “winning” attitudes were bouncing freely yet guarded with confidence.  When asked how they felt about the upcoming game, one player, Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins said, “I know we are going to get the win.”  He was not the only one that was positively confident in his team.  When asked the same question   Alex Cooper said, “I’m ready.  It is a big game and we want the win.”

Almost every team member had their mind set on the big win, losing wasn’t an option.  Devin Keyes was also asked how he felt about the upcoming game and he said, “I’m really excited and ready to go out and get the win.”

There was no question about it, the team knew what they wanted, they wanted the big [W] win. For most of the boys on the team it is their senior year and they want to bounce out with a bang and leave a memorable slam dunk against Horn.

Javante Wilson, a current player for MHS said, “I just feel hyped that it’s senior night and we play Horn, so we have to win.” Mesquite started the game on top and continued to carry the lead throughout the game, until the 4th quarter.  They leaped into this quarter with a 13 point advantage; Mesquite 36 – Horn 23, read the scoreboard; then momentum shifted, and everything went flying off the rim.  Too many missed opportunities to seal the victory.  It seemed as if the teams confidence and “winning” attitude walked off the court, but not without a fight.  The buzzer sounded with a final score of Horn 47 to Mesquite 46.

The team put in every ounce of effort to bring home the win but effort and confidence don’t always bring victory.  Higgins and the rest put in their all to bring the team to victory.  When asked after the loss how he felt, Higgins said, “I was very upset.  I know we shouldn’t have lost.”  All the boys were ready to go out with a win and this loss was very upsetting to the whole team. But in the words of Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins…”you have to go hard or go home, it’s playoff time now, so we have to overlook the loss and prepare for the next go round.”

Although the Mesquite vs. Horn game is one of the most important games to this team, attitude and confidence will not be lost in the defeat, for this team truly understands that with positive attitudes, unyielding confidence, and skill they are still winners. And you can count on them to carry this to that next go around against South Garland High at Lake Highlands for the playoffs.