BYOD…Bring Your Own…huh???

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Mesquite Independent School District is no “KEVIN” when it comes to technology in the classroom.  This past February Mesquite High School became the district piloting school for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  The program allows students to connect to the district Wi-Fi network from their own devices; iPads, smart phones, laptops, etc.;  to engage in class activities This is a big step in advancing multiple academic designs from the world wide web of technology into the classroom.

Christy Starrett, principal of MHS, has a dream and a goal that every teacher will be equipped with an iPad and every classroom will eventually have classroom sets of iPads or iPods.  Principals and teachers are all on board with the idea of moving classroom instruction into a more digital venue.  The students we are teaching today were born into a techy world and keeping classrooms on the cutting edge of technology is one advancement this school is proud to pioneer.

However, with change comes compromise and adjustments.  Teachers are no stranger to the game of flexibility and redesign on a dime.

It’s easy to implement into the classroom instruction.” Ahmand Rachid said, “and the students have constant access to the lessons here and at home.”

Students are getting the best of both worlds.  They get to use their technology and participate actively in the learning environment.

“I think BYOD makes classes more interesting,” senior Ruby Vielma said,  “plus it fits in our generation because everything is digital now.”

Learning styles are as unique as IP addresses and having technology at the student’s fingertips is another way to possibly reach those students who have difficulty learning in a traditional lecture type setting.

“I like BYOD.” Lori Albrecht (science dept.) said, “It gives teachers another avenue to try and reach their students.”

Of course with every new idea there are bugs to be worked out, especially when it comes to technology.

“The implementation has been sketchy.” Jennifer Sallee said, “the network has been down, not everyone can access it yet, etc.  I wish there had been a smoother transition.”

Even with the network issues and the bugs BYOD is consistently getting the thumbs up.  At this point, 85% of the student body has registered a device to the district WiFi.  Looks like BYOD isn’t another cyber gadget failure, it appears that it will become as traditional as books are to education.

by Chandler Claxton




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Pregnant Pause

by Bre Croxtonpregnant pause

Pregnant Pause by Han Nolan is quite the book!

In this teen drama life story you will join 16-year-old Eleanor aka Elly who isn’t the most self-righteous teen. Drugs, alcohol, and stealing is the main part of her life along with her drug addict boyfriend, Lam.

However, Elly never expected that she’d end up pregnant. Elly and Lam are forced to marry and end up living in a cabin in a camp run by Lam’s parents. But does Elly really love Lam anymore?

Elly has to give up her rebellious teen life and become a mom in the blink of an eye. But no one expects a terrible occurrence the day the baby is born. Her parents then decided that the baby should be put up for adoption and Elly should come to Kenya with them. But what happens when Elly wants to keep the baby? Will she be able to support the baby and get a job? What about finding a good home for both Elly and the baby? And what about Lam? Will she stay with him?

Follow Elly through her time at camp and how growing up was much harder when there are huge decisions to make, and those decisions don’t just affect you.

Money vs. Happiness; Which is More Important


by Douglas Ackerman


Many times we start our life with dreams and goals of our own, but somewhere on this roller coaster of an adventure we find ourselves living our life through the dreams and plans made by someone else, which means people are attending college classes for degrees they don’t really have a desire to achieve and/or they are working in jobs and careers they do not like.

Why would someone do this?

If money was no object and your happiness was worth more to you than money and money was no worry and your parents and other influential people did not shove ideas into your head on what you SHOULD do…what WOULD you do?

I proposed this question to several young people right here on campus and this is what they said they WOULD do….

“If money did not have the power it does in our advanced and complicated industrial society, I would immediately go on an experience similar to the one Henry David Thoreau had in “Walden”. I’d like to go and live in an isolated place. I feel like it would be an experience that would not only help me get connected to nature but help me understand myself better. That is something you can’t do in our busy life.”

Here is what a few people said they would do if money was not an issue and they could design their life strictly around one’s happiness.

-Pablo Rubio

“Many people do it to fit in. I would personally like to become a game designer, but my mom wants me to be a teacher…”

-Jesus Labra

“People do these things to try an fit in with certain cliques. All the people in my life pressure me to forget about football, but if I could have it my way I would go pro!”

-Kylan Cyriaque

“If my happiness was worth more than money, I would be just a nobody. Money makes you big, important, it makes you become a somebody”

-Marielena Bayona

“I would just relax at home and live life to the fullest, life is too short to stay in an office for half of your life when you could be doing things that connect you to the world.”

-Fernando Soto

“I would follow my dreams to be famous. Besides the money, being known by everyone would be cool. Having many fans would be what’s up.”

-Ace Hampton

“Not just live life. If I were not happy living the way I am, I would turn around and change to match my consciousness. To make myself happy, not necessarily having money, or an education, or a job or a family. Sanction it can be something really simple, if money were not a necessity. Consciousness would take over. I wouldn’t know what would happen. If would just happen. It is a mystery.”

-Carlos Juarez

“Well I would concentrate more on my hobbies which would include sports, cooking, and relaxing. I would not start out to gain expensive things. It would be a breeze. I would not have to worry about the pressures of life.”

-Opeoluwa Bamgbose

“Well…if I didn’t have my parents telling me how to live my life I would probably have my own dance studio in New York and it would be the most famous one in the country!!!”

-Chantal Fecteau

“Honestly I would spend my life changing my bad qualities, and helping others.”

-Pablo Ortega

“I want to tell my jokes. I want to have time with my children. I want to entertain people. And at one point, I’ll walk away from show business. But I don’t want to walk away empty-handed”

-Dave Chappelle


My response to each of their comments was “ Then why wont you go do that?

Food for thought, now go back into your class room.” Why would you not want to go for your dreams? One day you will be sitting in your bed, wake up to immediately think, “Have I really amounted to this, debt and still worrying about getting more and more money?” Money creates problems, why try to be a big hot-shot with a fat wad of cash? Happiness is worth more than money; do not ever forget that when you begin your career.

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Mesquite 56th Annual Rodeo Parade; April 6, 2013

by Ruth Andrademesquite_rodeo_parade.jpg.728x520_q85

The sound of horse hooves pounding the pavement and the long lines of people bordering the streets of downtown Mesquite will be the sight April 6th for the 56th annual Rodeo Parade. This is a “feel-good” event and another in a long line of community traditions.

The parade will start at 10 a.m. and will follow its traditional route beginning on Belt Line at Newsom, then proceeding through downtown Mesquite and ending on Galloway Avenue at New Market.  The parade is not only a kickoff to the start of the rodeo season here in Mesquite but it is a great opportunity for business owners to showcase their business or organization. It is also another great opportunity for families to gather together and watch as horses and Mesquite high schools show off their hometown percussions.

The Exchange Club of Mesquite who dedicates it time and resources to community service, child abuse prevention and American pride hosts the parade. Each year the club passes out American flags to all children attending the parade as part of its “Give a Kid a Flag to Wave” project.


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The Croods

At the Movies ~ The Croods, 2013


Alexa here,  your MHS movie critic.  The Croods is one of the best animated adventures perfect for the whole family.  Like every adventure story the moral or lesson in the movie is the importance of family and sticking together when the going gets tough and you are faced with your own survival.

What works: Action & Adventure, Kids & Family, Comedy, and the Animation along with the moral and ethics that the story portrays about having faith in each other and the importance of family.

What doesn’t:  Haven’t found anything that doesn’t work in this epic animated adventure.


Eep (voice by Emma Stone) is a teenage girl who longs for an adventure in the open world right outside the cave she lives in with her family. Mom Ugga (Catherine Keener), grandma Gran (Cloris Leachman) , brother Thunk (Clark Duke), baby sister Sandy (Randy Thom), and dad Grug (Nicolas Cage).  Grug is a traditional father who believes that the outside world is dangerous during the night so he has his family stay inside the cave. After having their cave destroyed, the Croods family set out into a comedy adventure in search of a new home. Realizing that having each other is what it takes to survive, this movie is definitely a must watch!

Starring:  Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Cloris Leachman, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, Randy Thom, and Chris Sanders (III)

Director: Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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X and Y Gene Gone Gaming

English: Logo of Pokemon franchise based on DV...




by Elana Sanchez


Game Freak’s “Pokémon X” and “Pokémon Y” are set to be released in October across the world exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. This game, unlike Pokémon Black and White 2, uses the 3Ds’s unique features to fully step into a three dimensional world. Finally Pokémon fans will get a better experience.


One of the new attributes X and Y have are the new full three-dimensional sprites. Instead of flat, 2D characters, gamers will now be able to navigate around the new world in all three dimensions.


Concerning the new battle layout, Gameinformer magazine commented that, “The combat animations look drastically expanded.” They also compared the battle style to the looks of the Pokémon Stadium games. Overall, the graphics exceed any other Pokémon game for the DS thus far, but may not beat other DS graphics like “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker”, says Gaminformer magazine.


To start the game, players may chose from three new and unique starters. There’s Chespin, the grass-type otter, Froakie, the water-type frog, and Fennekin, the fire- type fox. Gameinformer magazine comments that each Pokémon appears to have “its own set of animations,” contrary to older games, where the same animation could be seen for various Pokémon. Aside from new starters, there are also new legendaries. These new critters reflect the games’ title itself; Xerneas appears to have edgy horns or antlers that cross, making the appearance of an “X”, and Yveltal has the body shape of a “Y” which is unique to the game because so far legendaries haven’t necessarily been made to look like letters.


Now, for the juicy bits about the in-game features; in the trailer, one character is seen actually skating across the town. This could be the new way to navigate around the world, perhaps in addition to the standard bike. There is also a scene where the character is swinging on a vine to get over a gap, and yet another where the trainer appears to be on a spider web. Little interactive features like this could be a great plus in the game, in addition to the whole new look and experience for the widely known and beloved Pokémon games.


Because Pokémon x’ and y’ will be released on the same day globally, every Pokémon fan will be able to play at the same time, and experience the new and improved features together. To all Pokémon game fans, check out Pokemon X’ and Pokemon Y’ this October, and see if you can “catch ‘em all!” (Thumbs up for cheesy lines!)




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