New York or Bust


Giddy squeals and upbeat laughter filled the choir and orchestra rooms of Mesquite High School on Friday morning, August 26th. Suitcases were packed and ready to be loaded on the bus and eventually on the plane; everyone was pumped about walking the streets of New York, especially with friends by their sides. The New York trip this year has truly been an amazing experience that students are sure to remember years from now.

While in New York, the choir and orchestra visited many cool sights, such as gazing at The Statue of Liberty, strolling through Strawberry Fields (The Beatles), “oo-ing” and “awe-ing” through Times Square, getting a tour of Juilliard, and walking about the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the choir even gave a beautiful performance at the Riverside Church! The first day in New York, students found a seat at the Yankees game. Here, many dreams came true; students were finally able to sink their teeth into the legendary New York hot dog. Students like junior Amanda Morrison and junior Edosa Elaiho later commented that the hotdogs were the things they missed the most about New York.

Aside from the amazing hot dogs, the food in general was exceptional, even freshman Katelyn Hulvey commented that “the food was much better”, and sophomore Isaiah Redmond said that above all, he’ll miss the food. One of the student’s favorite restaurants, “Famiglia”, an Italian pizza place, was most missed by sophomore Brett Jenkins and freshman Aires Gaines.

In addition to the food, the Metropolitan Museum of Art served as a wonderful experience for students. There were countless amounts of old weapons, paintings, clothing, instruments; the list goes on. Senior Kimmy Tran commented that her favorite part about the trip was going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art because she “loved the paintings”, and couldn’t even decide on a favorite because they “were all so amazing!” Junior Jesus Salazar found a liking to the weapon section of the museum, saying that his favorites were “the 1860 colt revolvers”, and senior Abby Parr found a liking to the musical instrument section, which left many orchestra students in awe.

The culture in New York, surprisingly, also made the “most missed” list. The busy streets and outrageous people provided a whole new experience for students, even freshman Gina Delafuente and sopomore Maricela Granado commented that “the people are crazy”, and sophomore Chantal Fecteau added “ it’s different from what we see here in Texas”. Freshman Chris Martinez said that being in New York “was a fun experience”, especially because students got to “see the different lifestyles of New Yorkers” as opposed to Texan lifestyles. Several students appreciate the fact that most everything’s located a few blocks from each other. In example, junior Carla Renteria explained how she liked that “the cafes are close, and you can walk to different places instead of drive there”. Sophomore Miriam Bautista commented that it was cool to see “a mixture of cultures walking around together” and sophomore Carissa Morris even said that being in New York was like being in a whole “different world”. Senior Josh Makkappallio decided that being in Times Square was his favorite part about New York because “looking at the new lights, listening to new sounds, and seeing different people “felt like a “once in a lifetime experience.”

For some students, just being with friends was enough to make their trip worthwhile. Sophomore Frida Echeverria said, “ The trip was fun because it allowed people to grow closer to each other”. Freshman Christina Thai agreed, saying that “it was a great bonding experience; I got to talk with people who I’ve never talked to before.” Senior Eli Roach commented that he loved being able to “spend time with all of my friends at once”. “I loved the nightlife of Town Square”, explained senior Keely Evans, “even without the stars it was still an incredible sight to see”.  Senior Hollie Armstrong said that “it was one of the most memorable times” of her life, and she plans to go back very soon.

In addition to bonding with friends, the teachers also got the chance to spend time with their students. Mr.Litle commented that, “The kids did a great job.” He was also impressed with their performance, explaining how “the good thing was that everyone looked out for each other, and really bonded; good friendships were created.” Mrs.Resendez also found good reason to compliment the students. She “was really pleased” that the students “seemed to enjoy every new experience that they encountered in New York.”

Overall, the New York trip was a great success. Many marvelous memories were made, and the students sincerely thank Mrs.Resendez and Mr.Litle for making their New York experience the best!



Mesquite High turned its halls into a Transylvanian museum of gothic art once again this spring.  The English department has developed and designed a spooktacular way to have students create and interpret their analysis of one of the most popular gothic novels.

Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley in 1816 at the age of seventeen, was published anonymously on March 11, 1818.  The story originally was developed during a summer in Switzerland when Mary and a few of her friends challenged each other to write a ghost story.  During this era of time Darwin was experimenting with electricity and the human nerve system.  It was from this ghost story that the gothic novel Frankenstein was born.

Many people believe that Frankenstein is the name of the creature in the novel, when in actuality Frankenstein is the name of his creator; Dr. Victor Frankenstein. This novel was the first to explore the potential dangers of technology used for the wrong purposes.  This is still an important theme today; especially in a technological world that we live in and with the numerous medical advances that have been discovered since the era and creation of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein is considered a gothic novel because it carries it’s readers from the reasoned order of everyday life into the dark and dreadful world of the supernatural.  Since it was published in 1818, Frankenstein has thrilled countless readers and has been interpreted and reinterpreted by generations of filmmakers.  Mesquite Skeeters are among the many who have but their own reinterpreted spin on this all time gothic favorite.

The Frankenstein Monster project is designed to be a research paper without the paper. The students read, analyze, and research different elements of the gothic novel such as themes, allusions, and historical background.  Then they create a life size diorama depicting those elements in a creative way, this includes the eight foot monster. To make it more interesting, the project is also a contest between all 16 English IV classes. Each class is team, and they construct the diorama using their various creative abilities and talents throughout the month of April. The projects are then displayed in main hall for two weeks while the faculty and staff vote for the winners. The top three projects receive prizes and the project counts as the senior’s six weeks exam. The monster project is not only a creative assessment of the novel, but keeps the senior’s academically engaged till they graduate.


This year’s winners are:

1st-Mrs. Richard’s 3B

2nd-Ms. Price’s 4B

3rd-Mrs. Farris-Hill’s 2A

Story by: Mrs. Lindi Farris-Hill




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Mesquite High School Students “Uncovered Their Magic” at the Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference.


The Business Professionals of America (BPA) 2013 National Leadership Conference, “Uncover Your Magic,” was last week from May 6-12, 2013 in Orlando, FL. Mesquite High School had 29 students who joined over 5,000 other conference delegates from across the nation to participate in national level business skills competitions, workshops, general sessions, and the national officer candidate campaigns and elections.


After the competitions were complete, Mesquite High School had one group named 1st Place National Champions in the event of Small Business Management. This group consisted of Benny Thomas, Rudy Abrams, Tammy Thai and Ruby Moreno.


In addition, Mesquite High School placed Top Ten in the Nation in the events of Presentation Management. This group consisted of Caleb Young, Gabriel Green, Alexus Page, and Melanie Cephas. Alexus Page excelled as well in Digital Media Production and was named Top 10 in the nation in that event as well.


Please congratulate these students on their outstanding achievements. They are a perfect example that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. MHSWINS