Strict Parents; Bad or Good

Surprisingly enough there is a lot of debate over the pro’s and con’s of strict parenting, also referred to as Authoritarian parents. To many of you, some of this information may be useful, as it seems many teens today believe that their parents are “too strict”.

One question that arises in the topic of strict parents is, what’s wrong with strict parenting?

To be more clear on actual reasons other than the typical teen response of, “It’s annoying” , or “Its ruining my life”, there are actual problems, be it mental or emotional. One of the most known answers to this question is told by,┬áDr. Laura Markham, clinical psychiatrist who believes that srict parenting can cause behavioral problems in children and teens. Kids may choose to act out because they feel that their emotions and opinions don’t matter to their parents. Found on , you also find that strict parenting can cause sexual adolescent behavior.

Those peers you know to go out and constantly party and drink, don’t always think little of them. This could be a sign that their parents are a little too strict in their life. Teens with strict parents usually tend to binge drink; for those not aware of what binge drinking is, binge drinking is the consumption of alcohol in a short period of time. This behavior is most likely done when a fight between parents and child take place. Most often that anger pushes them to drink, resulting in the action of turning to alcohol whenever disagreements happen.

Now probably one of the most important reasons that strict parenting should be cautioned, is that children and teens can become aggressive. Believe it or not aggressiveness can cause social anxiety, children can grow a fear of not being accepted and can stick with them as they get older. And if that doesn’t happen then children and teens can take a completely different turn and let out their aggressions through bullying.

Now you know the cons’s. But what about the pro’s?

Well that’s simple and thankfully doesn’t withhold to many questions and difficult responses. Having a good set of rules can Dangers-Of-Strict-Parentingnever be wrong, it’s how you enforce them. The proper way would be known as Democratic Parenting Style, this is where children and parents talk and decide together the outcomes of the rules and what happens if they are broken or tweaked. However most parents feel that as a child the only thing their children should have a say in is their future. If there are a set of rules your parents set, its honestly best to follow them. Despite your complaints parents do know what’s best, and that’s where their rules come from.

Show responsibility, because you may be able to turn the tides and get more privileges. Parents tend to look for responsibility and how much they can trust you before they really let you do as you please.

Aside from the bad and the good of strict parenting, there are parents that try to, as teens say, “run my life”. In this case, you really need to sit down and talk to your parents. Sometimes this is happening because parents have to expectation for you to be just like them, other times they want you to be as far from them as possible. Either way you make your own life decisions, parents and teens need to recognize the different wants and needs on both parties.

Hopefully this information helps you understand Authoritarian parents a little better, and if you happen to be someone that this applies to, then hopefully this gives you an idea of how to handle living in that environment or give you the push to confront your parents and talk to them.

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