Seniors complete final project

Story by : Vanna Watson


As the bell rings, signaling the start of school, students begin filing into the building. As some of them walk down the stairs into main hall or walk through the front doors they are meet with a chilling sight. As they make their way down the hall, lined up on either side are terrifying displays.

Scary creatures, all incorporated into some kind of scene or another, stare up or out with pale eyes, blending in with their equally yellow face. Freshman may be confused as to what is going on but the upperclassmen know exactly what’s happening.

Mesquite High School’s 2014 Frankenstein Contest has finally arrived.

The classic and well-known story, Frankenstein, was written by eighteen year-old Mary Shelly as she and her friends and husband were telling ghost stories one night at Lord Byron, a famous poet’s home.

Victor Frankenstein, one of the main characters in this story, dabbled into the act of playing God and created a creature never known before to man. Made from body parts stolen from graves, the creature was given life but then rejected by his creator upon first sight.

We join Frankenstein as he winds out his long and horror-filled tale of how the creature ruins his life and everything he knows. Now it’s up the the 2014 Senior class to replicate a scene from the novel for the contest.

Of course, there are some guild lines that the English classes have to follow or they risk being disqualified. They can pick a scene from the novel and replicate it into their display. They must have a creature that is no taller or no shorter than eight feet tall. The creature has to be yellow.

Mask’s can not be used and mannikin heads can not be the sole bases for the head. No parents or teachers can help.

He is referring to the prizes given out to the winning creature displays. A pizza party, t-shirt, and a 100 as a 6 weeks test grade are what awaits the winners.

“This year has been competitive,” Omar Velazquez from Mrs.Hills class said. “Everyone wants that 100.”

The class’s had a week or two to plan out their course of action but they only had¬†around four days to actually set up the display.¬†With the short time frame, some students faced difficulties.

“We had a little trouble with the creature standing and what else we should add to the display,”Jaime Gurrola from Mrs. Richards class said.

Even though the displays were all great, some of the students found flaws with their design.

“It could have had more components but the display as a whole was fine,” Jacob Simpson from Mrs. Price’s class said.

Though many great displays did not place, the classes that built are still happy with the end result and all in all, the contest proves to get the lower grades excited for the project when they are finally a senior at Mesquite High School.