New country, new year

Story by Chaznee Wyrick


“Texan people aren’t all as crazy as everyone thinks,” Charlotte Schmideur, junior, said.

Texan high school is stereo typed as kids riding horses to school wearing plaid and jeans, but Schmideur soon realized that wasn’t entirely true.

Typical American high school is generally thought to be filled with bells, electives and tests, but it is much more than that for Schmideur. Her school year consisted of completely new people in a whole new country and new memories.

Schmideur is a foreign exchange student from Germany and stayed for the 13-14 school year. Schmideur is going back to Germany after this school year.IMG_0003 2

With the 2013-2014 year coming to an end, every student has their favorite event that sticks out to them. For Schmideur, her favorite events revolved around the fine arts department.

“My experience was really good because I’ve made so many good friends here,”Schmideur said. “But my favorite memories were definitely show circle from the musical and theater and choir banquet.”

After visiting MHS, Schmideur said that there are somethings different between MHS and her highschool back in Germany. One difference being the amount of sports and extra ciricular activities.

“Back in Germany, there’s not that much extra curicular stuff,” Schmideur said. “Like, if you play soccer you have to find an actual soccer club where you can go to it and it’s not school organized.”

Most teenagers go back home and tell of their adventures and memories of their trip somewhere new, but Schmideur said that when she goes back home she will tell her friends how she learned about her skills. With the wrap of this school year, Schmideur will be taking home many memories from her junior school year here at MHS.

“What I’ll take back home is the experience that you might have powers that you don’t know of, like, you are stronger than you think you are,” Schmideur said. ” Most people here don’t realize how good they are and I didn’t realize what good parts i had until i came here.”