Losing Streak Continues for JV football

Another disappointing game before the by-week for Junior Varsity football.

A huge loss put the Jv Skeeters 0-3. the question is, can they make a comeback?

Duncanville Panthers kickoff in Hanby Stadium on a cloudy night. Skeeters have the ball for the first play, but unfortunately, they fumble. The Panthers recover on Skeeters 17 yard line.

At 7:02 first quarter, Panthers score a 2 yard run touchdown. With Skeeters having the ball again, they fumble on the snap and Duncanville recovers.

Duncanville goes no where, with Skeeters defense playing hard. Although, Panthers defense shows no fear as well and makes skeeters turnover by down. Panthers go for a good drive through skeeters defense and scores, 0-14 Panthers. Before halftime, Skeeters decide to put some points on the board with a field goal. Halftime 3-14 Panthers.

Within the first minute of the second half, Panthers score a touchdown. How worse can it get Mesquite Skeeters? With possession of the ball going back and fourth withMesquite and Duncanville, Starting QB, Dominic Carter gets an amazing 12 yard run at 2:11 within third quarter.

The fourth quarter wasn’t so pretty either, with Skeeters going nowhere and Panthers scoring at 4:24 within the fourth quarter. Of course Mesquite fumbles again, and this time in their own inzone letting Panthers recover and scores.

Mesquite Players and parents walk out the stadium quietly with heads down, having the final score on the board, 3-33 Panthers.


Meeting Grover

Dr. Dennis Grover is one of the new administrators we have welcomed to Mesquite High this year. Having graduated with his doctorate from Texas A & M Commerce, Dr. Grover is a man who has adorned many hats in the teaching field.  Dr. Grover has taught special ed in math, been a councilor at Agnew Middle School, an assistant principal at McDonald and Vanston Middle School, and has finally arrived to our revamped campus. With a wife and two kids, Dr. Grover does all he can with his new extended family here at Mesquite High. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Grover, and discussed how his time here has been.


Izaak Lux: How has MHS treated you so far?
Dr. Grover: It’s been good. I’ve enjoyed working with the outstanding group of Senior Leaders. I’ve mostly been trying to get to know some of the students and teachers.

Lux: What have you enjoyed about MHS?

Grover: I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with the people I used to teach with; I’ve enjoyed building relationships with some of the students and Senior Leaders. You definitely get see the amount of maturity the kids have gone through over the last 9 years. They all grow up and become people you can really connect with.

Lux: Have you run into any obstacles?

Grover: Nothing big has really come up. The only thing really is that this is my first year working attendance and I have to learn all the different things that go into presiding over attendance and enrollment verification.

Lux: What responsibilities come with being the head of attendance?

Grover: I’m the guy that files the truancy cases when someone collects too many unexcused absences. I’m also the one who has to go to court in those cases, so I have talk to the student, parent and judge to figure out what to do.

Lux: Has there been anyone who has shown a lot of support or been a great advisor to you?           Grover: The Senior Leaders and their sponsors have really embraced me and kept me involved with the on goings here. But mostly everyone has been very forthcoming and inviting since I’ve been here.

Lux: What are you expecting from this school year?  

Grover: I’m looking forward to seeing ALL of the senior class graduate and to be a part of that; making sure they can be successful and hopefully helping all the underclassmen get to see that the end is near- their hard work for the past 12 or so years in finally coming to an end. Mainly, I look forward to helping anyone I can this year.

Lux: Is there anything you wish to tell the students at MHS?

Grover: Remember to have pride in your school. The building is just a building, but the school is made up of the students and staff. So be proud of who you are and where you go to school- be proud to be a Skeeter.

JV Skeeters get Dominated 7-39

There wasn’t much celebrating after the final whistle of the first junior varsity football game. JV skeeters lose their first game with “ball ball ball!!” with the consistent fumbles they caused.

Plano West kicksoff with first game of the season with skeeters returning it and having a decent run. At time 6:20 in the first quarter, skeeters attempt at a field goal- no good.

Immediately, Plano scores on their first play with a 80 yard touchdown by number 15. Eyes start to open wide, as blue shirts are in the air. Soon afterwards, Skeeters punt but a fumble is forced, luckily they recover it on the 15 yard line. Plays later, Skeeters fumble again but recovers in the inzone. Skeeters touchdown! 7-7 end of the first quarter.

Soon after the second quarter begins, Skeeters defense cannot hold Plano. At 8:52, 2nd & goal, touchdown by Plano.

Skeeters receive the ball with a good drive by having Samaj Hunter, number 36 broke runs of 10 & 20 yard. Sadly Plano stops them and turnover for Skeeters. Plays after, Plano hit the Skeeters with a 65 yard reception touchdown. Skeeters fans heads are down when they see 7-21 on the screen for halftime.

Players are called out for the Skeeters for the second half. Skeeters are stressing to hold Plano’s offense with their consistent first downs. On 2nd & goal, Plano scores yet again.

At 3:21 3rd quarter, Skeeters attempt a field goal, but again fumbles by a failed snap with Plano recovering.

2 minutes into the 4th quarter, Plano West scores by number 14 with a 2-point conversion. there seemed no hope for Mesquite with only 6 minutes until game. Again, a fumble occurs by Mesquite and is recovered by Plano at 5:12

A final field goal is made by Plano and the final buzzer sounds. Skeeters get dominated 7-39 Plano West.