A Change in Power: An interview with Mr. Samples

Story by Chaznee WyrickSamples


Our new head principal, Mr. Samples is from one of our very own high schools here in Mesquite, North Mesquite. He has an eye for academics and plans to bring a new light to it by  starting the school year with the future of students in mind. Here’s a Q and A with our new head principal.

Chaznee Wyrick: What schools did you attend?

Mr. Samples:  I went to Price elementary in Mesquite. I went to Vanston middle school and I went to North Mesquite

Wyrick: What college did you go to?

Mr. Samples: Ouachita Baptist University. I went there on a football scholarship. But, I graduated with my masters from Texas A&M Commerce.

Wyrick: What inspired you to be a principal?

Mr. Sample: I wanted to make a bigger impact outside of just my class room and I was also a coach. I thought I would have an opportunity to influence the masses a little better.

Wyrick: Besides being a coach, did you teach other subjects? If so, what did you teach?

Mr. Samples: Yes, I taught in social studies. I’ve taught world experience and world history.

Wyrick: How long did you teach?

Mr. Samples: I’ve had seven years as a teacher. I also coached for seven years.

Wyrick: How long have you been a principal?

Mr. Samples: This is my eleventh year as an administrator and my first year as a head principal. So, 10 years as an assistant principal and my first as a principal.

Wyrick: Where did you teach?

Mr. Samples: At Rockwall High School. I also coached at Cain middle school. And I was an AP in May Bank for a year.

Wyrick: What degree did you seek in college? Major? Minor?

Mr. Samples: My first two years were pre-med. I didn’t make enough time to spend in the lab so I didn’t have high enough grades to go to a medical school so I changed my major to history. I then majored in history and minored in social studies. Then, I got a Masters in Education and Administration.

Wyrick: What are your intentions for this year?

Mr. Samples: To challenge our students to take their academics seriously, to have a goal for themselves to look down the road as to where they want to be and also to create a passion and/or pride in our students that they go to Mesquite High school.

Wyrick: What do you want to change or add to Mesquite High school as being the new head principal?

Mr. Samples: I want a greater focus on academics and challenge each student to at least take  one AP class or one dual credit or college class.

Wyrick: Is there anything that you’ve noticed over the past years that you would like to change?

Mr. Samples: School spirit has always been a big impact. I think when people are excited about what they’re involved in, whether it be UIL, academics, band or choir. The school gets excited about the different things that are going on.

Wyrick: What do you expect from the students of MHS this year?

Mr. Samples: For them not to ever be satisfied with mediocre. I want them to give their best effort in everything that they do so at the end of the day, they are satisfied with whatever the product is. And, at the end of their high school career, they feel like they are prepared to go to college.

Wyrick: What led you to teaching and becoming a principal?

Mr. Samples: My sister was in education before I was, about 2 years before. I saw how much she loved going to work. I felt like I would feel fulfilled each and every day by making an impact on at least one student. So, maybe changing the life of somebody in a different direction as to where they may have gone. If it was wrong to try and steer them in the right way.

Wyrick: What do you think you should do in your position?

Mr. Samples: I think I should challenge teachers to push students to their limits. Besides just challenging our students, but challenge the teachers to have those same expectations.  We have a campus of roughly 200 teachers so energizing the teacher to feel like they can push forward whenever things are not going in the right direction.

It would appear that bringing back student pride and encouraging teachers to challenge students to go beyond mediocre are on the forefront of this years new head principal’s agenda. It seems that 2015 will be the year for Mesquite High to embrace the tradition and pride  of being a “Skeeter”.

We Are Maroon

Story by Chandler Claxton


“We are Maroon.” The 2014-2015 school year motto has come up against a repellant of school pride.

The current administration is contradicting their own agenda of students buying into the “tradition of the Skeeter” by reversing past decisions where students could proudly wear their organization and class shirts to represent their school.

School clubs and organizations not only use shirts as fundraisers, but these shirts give students the pride of being part of something; the Skeeter Tradition.

Rumors surfaced on Twitter last night that seniors would not be allowed to wear their administrator approved t-shirts.

Starting Friday, Oct. 17, seniors will not be allowed to wear senior apparel that was ordered Sept. 19. Allowing students to wear senior apparel is subject to change after a meeting that is to be held on Oct. 22 with Jostens.

An alleged tweet was sent out last night stating that seniors would no longer be able to wear their senior shirts on an everyday basis.

“Everyone started re-tweeting a text sent out to seniors that informed students they would no longer be able to wear our approved shirts,” senior Taylor Clay said.

Parents and students alike are outraged because orders were placed back in September with the understanding that seniors could wear them any given day.

“As a student who works for their money, paying over $100 for clothes that we were assured we could wear daily is very infuriating,” Clay said.

Some seniors have even gone to the extent of throwing away their standardized dress shirts [polo type] in trusting that they would be allowed to wear their newly purchased senior apparel.

“Because I knew that we could wear our senior shirts, I got rid of my polos,” senior Deja Brown said. “What was the point of keeping them?”

Taylor Clay’s mother, who helped her daughter pay for her senior order is now regretting her decision.

“I’m extremely angry that I spent money on something that I thought she would be allowed to wear on a daily basis,” Tina Clay said. “I could’ve spent that money on more uniform clothes for [Taylor]. Had I known she would not be able to wear the senior shirts, I wouldn’t have bought them.”

The dress code change was an administrative decision prompted by Principal Kevin Samples.

“For this first semester, seniors will only be allowed to wear their senior shirts on Fridays until we get all of our clubs and organization shirts in,” Principal Samples said. “There’s been some confusion as to what’s approved and what’s not. Some of the senior shirts that are being worn are not current shirts that were bought through BPA.”

The confusion mainly stems from the underclassmen who are not wearing school approved shirts and hoodies. Guidelines for dress code can be found in the MISD Student Handbook which states that “seniors may wear principal-approved senior shirts at any time” so long as they are tucked in.

Administration and BPA have denied refunds at this time.

2014 Senior Hoodies and T Order Form Design


MHS Homecoming Game Vs Lake Highland Wildcats

Story by River David and Chris Leake


The Mesquite High School Varsity Football took on the Lake Highland Wildcats on Friday’s homecoming game. The Skeeter’s had a lot to prove in this game sitting 0-4 on the season. The Skeeter’s had even more to prove with this being the homecoming game which many consider to be the most important game of the season.

The Skeeter’s proved they weren’t holding back, striking first making it 7-0 in the first quarter against the Wildcats.

And once they were on, they were on! Adding on twenty-one more points in the second quarter, while the Wildcats could only respond back with one touchdown before the half ended.

Now to halftime with the score Mesquite: 21, Lake Highlands: 7.

The Skeeter’s began the second half with the same fire and determination as they had ended the first with.

Scoring fourteen more points in the third quarter and another fourteen in the fourth quarter the Skeeter’s ran away with the game. The final scoring being Mesquite: 56, Lake Highlands:21.

With this win Mesquite is now 1-4. The team leaves this game hoping that they can continue this run of form throughout the rest of the season.

Sophomore Anthony Tennison ended the game 14-20, with 168 passing yards and 3 passing touchdowns with 1 interception. He added on to this good passing performance by rushing for 38 yards on 7 carries.

Senior Roderick Brown lead the team in receiving yards with 75 yard on 6 receptions with 1 touchdown.

Senior Dezmon Scott also helped this offensive onslaught by rushing for 112 yards on 7 carries and scoring 2 touchdowns.

Defensive players Jose Fajardo and Jaylon Bettis also helped the scoring by each scoring a defensive touchdown


Come support the Skeeter’s next friday (10-10-14) as they take on Pearce at Pearce High School.HOCOgame1HOCOgame4


Photo Credit to Chandler Claxton