Police Brutality

Story by Breanna Finney

On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown was shot and killed in a suburb of Ferguson, Missouri by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. This sparked a nation-wide controversy concerning the safety of citizens regarding police officers.

This is not the first case of police brutality to ever appear in the U.S., but appears to be the most influential case of our generation. Another influence of our generation is social media. Videos and stories of violent handling by the law enforcement are being spread across the world via Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere they are able to be posted. There are websites dedicated to “busting cops”.

Some police officers and other enforcers of the law should definitely learn to keep a plug on their temper when someone wants to undermine authority. Of course, you’re supposed to enforce the law but not put physical force with the law. There is a proper etiquette that police officers have to follow, steps to take before resorting to violence from a stern talking to the use of pepper spray. These things can calm a situation down or at least help to apprehend a suspect.

With these stories of police officers getting rough with a grown man or a small kid, everyone only sees the police officer doing the wrong. What about the reason that officer was called to the scene? Police officers are not called for just anything. Each call an officer takes is made to come to the rescue of someone, not to cause physical harm. Maybe if we didn’t do things to get law enforcement involved or do things to make a police officer feel the need to shoot his weapon, there wouldn’t be so much rioting and hate for anyone involved in a police brutality case.

As a society we all need to sit back and look at the facts, before we decided to pick up our picket signs. Who is really wrong and what is really the truth? That is the only way to find justice and ensure safety of all parties involved.




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New Feminist Trend – Armpit Hair Dying

Story by: Alex Turner

In protest of the opinion, “women should be shaved at all times,” a new trend appears for all the feminists out there. Instead of having silky smooth pits, these girls are going to another level by growing out their armpit hair and giving it some glamour by dying it an un-natural color. The trend credit goes to Roxie Hunt, a hairstylist at Seattle salon called Vain.

While some do not understand the trend, saying it looks gross or disgusting, it could actually be the next step in ‘girl power’ or feminism to take control of their own body image.

The trend of dying your armpit hair turned out to be extremely controversial, as I suspected it would get when I first saw it.  It’s a controversial issue because it’s generally looked down on for a women to grow out body hair. Any hair besides the eyebrows and hair from the scalp is seen as bad, and that’s why there’s a whole industry dedicated to getting rid of body hair.

As I aged, I agreed that body hair was gross. More recently, I challenged that thought and realized that it’s pretty pointless. Body hair isn’t at all a bad thing, and I feel like people should embrace their natural bodies the way they are. Grooming is fine, that’s everyone’s personal decision. Women shouldn’t be forced to shave or be shamed about it if they dont. It should be seen as normal as getting a haircut. Some girls like short hair, others want to grow it out, others none at all.


43 Missing Students in Mexico

On September 26th, fifteen students were already dead, six people were shot to death, and 43 students disappeared without a trace. Even today, all but one student has yet to be found. A burned bone fragment was found and was identified to have the DNA of Alexander Mora Venacio.

Venacio’s parents have stated that as heart broken as they are, they will not sit and cry, but keep fighting until the other 42 students are found.

Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam says the police in Guerrero turned the students over to the Guerreros Unidos gang. The gang has claimed they “incinerated” the bodies of students and dumped their ashes into a river. According to Karam, the students, all male, were on a trip to Guerrero, Iguala to protest about the funds for their college.

It’s reported that Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca had the police arrest the students and to hand them over to the drug gang. Abarca and his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda were arrested after they were found hiding out in Mexico City, leading Karam to believe that the mayor must have something to do with the kidnapping of the students.

Members of the Guerrero have been interrogated  and interviewed and proclaim they they “wouldn’t call the police, ‘police’. I would call them Hit Men.” The members have named at least thirty police men as members of the Cartel.

In the last ten years alone, thousands upon thousands of citizens in mexico have disappeared, and hundreds have been murdered. The pain and struggles of the people had been collectively building up until now.

The situation in Mexico is bad, it always has been, and has only gotten worse. It seems like the missing students was the final straw, and the people of Mexico broke. Protests bursted through the contained, civilized walls and are fighting for answers and justice. The thousands of protesters refuse to give up hope on the students.

Teens, parents, kids, and adults all march the streets and roads of Mexico, crying out for their sons, friends and brothers. No answers have been given, but the people continue to hope for the return of the last 42 students.

Protests in Hong Kong Continue

Story by: Ariel Madrid


Recently, protests have broken out in Hong Kong over China’s new restrictions on the 2017 election for Hong Kong’s next leader. It started out in late September as just a small boycott with less than a few hundred people peacefully protesting, but quickly turned into a frenzy of unhappy people filling the streets supporting the leader along with another demonstrator who were arrested and more than 80 supporters who were tear gassed.

Four students went on a hunger strike December 1st as an attempt to pressure government officials into reevaluating their restrictions. Joshua Wong and supporter Prince Wong ended their hunger strike about a week later due to health issues. However, Joshua Wong continues to believe the government will have to take their requests into consideration.

Since Hong Kong is supposed to be a type of democracy it is only fair that the people have a say in which their leader is going to be. Instead of having a small committee that picks out certain candidates the people should choose from whoever is willing to run.

One of China’s restrictions was rejecting an open nomination for the future leader of the small territory. Because of this citizens lost their right to vote for whom ever they please. Being a democratic territory should mean that the majority of the people have an input on elections. In fact the major vote of the qualified public should influence the overall decision immensely.

The whole situation is a great contradiction. China’s government sent out a firm message to its’ civilians stating that they were still in charge even though the city was promised democracy when they first received their independence. This is exactly what the people of Hong Kong are scared of; a democracy that isn’t real. Therefore, the government should keep their promise and follow the guidelines of the law and not take away the rights of the citizens.

Also it does spike up suspicion that the government is controlling who gets to run to be leader. It is strange that they have to be approved by a small committee and a lot of people worry that China just wants the new leader to be working in their favor. If the government would simply allow the residents of Hong Kong to practice their right of voting without limitation it would stop the fighting in the city.

The government officials believe that making these restrictions prevents disorderly function in society. They think that the only way to have a successful election is to have these limitations. If not it would cause problems in the city and lead to more fighting.

If there has already been a decision on what type of government a city is then the officials should not stand in the way of their own law.


hong-kong-pepper-spray-protests Photo Courtesy: Google Images