Mighty Maroon Competition!

On Wednesday, October 25th the Mighty Maroon Band, led by Lance Flisowski, had their final competition of the year, the UIL Region Marching Contest at Memorial Stadium.

They performed their show “Feng Shui Elements That Bind The Universe,” and got a 1st division. The show consists of 5 songs and props which represent five elements; Fire (represented by “Finale” from Symphony No. 9), Water (represented by “Claire de Lune”), Metal (represented by “Foundry”), Wood (represented by “Into the Village”), and Earth (represented by “What Are You Going to do When You Aren’t Saving the World” from Man of Steel).

John Horn and North Mesquite also performed and received a 1st division. Congratulations to all of the schools that were involved, especially to our hard-working Mighty Maroon Band! Skeeter Pride!