From a Sophomore to a Freshman

This is it. The beginning of the year. This being some people’s first year in high school, and for others, their last. Summer seemed to have flown by and everything is getting back into the swing of things. Everyone is counting down the days until we get to leave for summer break. But that’s the thing. The majority of us will come back in the fall, while others might not show their face at Mesquite ever again. But in light of everything, I wanted to give incoming freshmen an insight of what I’ve learned as a freshman:

1. Stay involved. But not too involved.

Being involved with extra curricular activities is what makes high school fun. You don’t really get the full high school experience without them. Now, don’t go signing up for anything and everything. No matter how tempting is, doing too many things can stress you out. Your grades come first. Start slow, find out how well you work with a short amount of time, then you can start doing extra things.

2. Don’t procrastinate. Do things when you get them.

If you do the work you get as soon as you can, you’ll have more time later to do whatever you like. It also helps you not stress about how much work you have to get done. Procrastination brings so much stress that it’s not even worth it. Netflix can wait, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

3. Make friends with almost everyone.

Did you know, that you could make a friend with literally anyone? Everyone has at least one thing in common, you just have to try hard enough to find it. I’ve become so close with the most unexpected people, but they’re also some of the people I laugh the hardest with. Making friends in high school is so important and there’s so many great people in high school, you just have to find them.

4. You are amazing.

You know that guy or girl (I don’t judge) that you’re still hung up on? They’re not worth it if they can’t seem to see everything you have to offer. Don’t chase someone who is chasing someone else. Devote your time to getting an education, not a relationship. You. Are. Amazing. You don’t need a significant other to be complete, if you’ve gotten this far without that person, imagine how far you can go without them holding you back. Relationships aren’t that important so don’t rush into one with the wrong person.

5. S L E E P.

As much as you can. There’s going to be nights where you pushed your project until the last-minute (although I already told you not to) and you’re going to get little to none sleep. You don’t fully function without it so make sure you get enough every night. Staying up past midnight is cool and all until you start falling asleep in class and miss the whole lesson. Some nights you’ll get more sleep than others. But trust me, weekends are a blessing, use them wisely.

6. Be organized. It helps. A lot.

If you’re like me and need things in a certain order, then I seriously suggest getting a planner. If you’re not like me and aren’t forgetful then you can just kind of skip over this and continue to the rest. It helps you remember what deadlines you have and when you have certain events. I tend to forget a lot of things so having something written out helps me see what I have time for. It also helps me not stress about everything I do (I should’ve listened to the advice I gave in #1 but I didn’t and I honestly regret it).

7. It’s not cute.

For some odd reason, some students at this school think it’s okay to talk back to adults. Please don’t be one of those students. Yes, I understand that they’re not your parents but your parents left them in charge of you. It’s not funny, cute, and the only place it’s going to get you is ISS. There’s a thing called having mannersplease use them. I don’t know why kids think it’s okay to be completely disrespectful to the teachers and staff at our school, especially if they didn’t do anything to you. Being purposely rude is 100% not okay and I 100% don’t recommend it.

8. Block away.

Don’t be afraid to block someone’s number or on social media. It’s your life and you get to decide who you want to have in it. If someone is toxic to your mental health or growth as a human being, then just block them. You’re not entitled to being friends with everyone, and it’s completely okay to cut them out of your life. It can be refreshing and can lift a weight off of your shoulders that the person had on you.

9. Not gonna lie.

As much as I hate to admit it, I have to tell the truth. There will be people who judge you. That’s just the kind of terrible society we live in today. I’m not saying everyone will judge you, but there will be a few mean ones. You just have to find those nice ones who will accept you for who you are no matter what clothes you wear or music you listen to.

10. Confrontation.

Scary, I know, but it is honestly the best way to solve problems. Not by fighting or being petty on social media but texting, calling, or talking to the person you are having problems with in person. It’s a healthier, more mature way of fixing things instead of “throwing slugs” on social media platforms. It took me awhile to learn that this way is way better, especially when I had people telling me to be mean and petty. Drama causes lots of stress so confronting the problem, and the person, can save you from all of that.


Different Views on Mexico

Most people who have never been to Mexico, think it can be a dangerous place. But people who grew up in Mexico or are actually from there call it home. So, is Mexico is dangerous or safe? This summer, I had the opportunity to take a cruise to Cozumel and Progresso, Mexico. Believe me when I tell you they are two totally different places even though they aren’t that far apart.

Cozumel is more of a tourist attraction and I felt completely safe.  There are tons of resorts with lots of activities and all for different prices. The staff, which are native to the country, always made sure we were comfortable and asked if we needed anything drink or eat. They beaches are white sand and you can walk out or swim to 15 feet deep and still see straight to the bottom, the water is crystal clear. There is a pier where you can buy anything you think of or have a spa day if you want one. Everything is very clean and nice. There’s just so much to do in Cozumel that it’s hard to squeeze everything in just a couple hours before the cruise leaves.

Progresso was mainly shops and they would chase you down to buy that one necklace you were looking at and keep lowering the price. I wouldn’t say I was scared I was probably more sad because there was a lot more less fortunate people, and they tried so hard to get you to buy something and you could tell that they needed it. It is definitely not like Cozumel where if you said no then they just left you alone (for the most part). Progresso had multiple of the same merchandize in all of the vender shops. I think me and my family were stopped at least 5 times to get a massage on the beach from multiple people. They were competing with each other to give us the best deal. Everyone was willing to negotiate to set the best deals which kept prices extremely low.

Mexico, like the U.S.has many different places to visit and like the U.S. and they can’t all be categorized as dangerous or safe. It depends on where you go and what you do there. People just assume that every place in Mexico or foreign countries are dangerous because the news media plays off the negative. Is there some parts of Mexico that aren’t the safest? Yes, but there are also some spots of America that aren’t too safe either. We shouldn’t judge a country just because we saw or heard something bad happen there through news media or other people’s negative experiences. All countries are not perfect so you shouldn’t judge a country simply by what you hear, but by what you have experienced.