Social Media and the Effect Todays Youth

Our individual judgement on our own self-image becomes increasingly relevant in our lives as we age. When progressing through our development we try to achieve the goal of Self-Actualization. Once achieving this mentality a person realizes that they are satisfied completely with their current physical being or the environment that surrounds them. In the book The Beauty Myth, by Naomi Wolf, the idea of creating an image for oneself and ignoring stereotypes that may challenge a person later on in their life is discussed. Self-Actualization helps us form a person that not only the public can be proud to be seen with but also a person that we as individuals can be proud of being.

With the increase of the use of social media in the youth of the world today, many under-developed young adults find themselves losing grasp on who they see themselves as. This is due to the pressure to maintain a certain “social image” in front of friends and peers. As mass media increases these trends begin to spread throughout social media and television leading to the kids of today being exposed to peer pressure and other trends that are spread peer to peer. This causes children to lose the ability to form their own “Self-Actualization” to help find who they are to themselves. This is due to many people worrying more about who others see them as instead of who they see themselves as. This begins the destruction of self-actualization from one generation to another, continuing the deterioration of not only, security in oneself, but also the ability to find who one wants to be in their own mind. This decides how future generations not only present themselves in public but also see themselves in their private lives. This problem in itself due to the social disorders that can stem from “fixing” one’s image to be more accepted in the eyes of society. When constantly changing who people see themselves as they cannot only deteriorate the number of friendships they have but also decline the number of new friends they can make.

In an article on the APP Gateway website from the American Academy of Pediatrics about pediatric social-media use states “According to a recent poll, 22% of teenagers log on to their favorite social media site more than 10 times a day, and more than half of adolescents log on to a social media site more than once a day. Seventy-five percent of teenagers now own cell phones, and 25% use them for social media, 54% use them for texting, and 24% use them for instant messaging. Thus, a large part of this generation’s social and emotional development is occurring while on the Internet and on cell phones.”(Source B), This statement shows the disturbing statistics of the relevance of social media in the lives of the youth. The large amount of time that kids and young adults spend on their devices allows the input of others and of social trends around the world to interact with the individual viewing them on a more personal level. This personal interaction allows the opinions of others the effect a person tenfold, leading to the increasing likelihood that a person will conform to please the opinions of others. In source B when speaking of children and their use of social media it is also stated “Because of their limited capacity for self-regulation and susceptibility to peer pressure, children and adolescents are at some risk as they navigate and experiment with social media.”, This shows the increased likelihood for kids to alter their personas and attitudes depending on the opinions of others.

Public shaming and stereotypes are a consistent problem for that many people face in today’s society and that others have faced for centuries. This issue, which often leads to the mental and emotional break down of an individual, is an ongoing problem among young adults today. These stereotypes stem from the image myths that surround men and women today. In The Beauty Myth, by Naomi Wolf, it states “The model fantasy is probably the most widespread contemporary dream shared by young women from all backgrounds…”, This is due to the increasing pressure on young women by one another to “be flawless” like celebrities they see on mass media. This leads to an extensive increase in the bullying of those who don’t change their style to match the images they see on social media. As it is seen more and more regular to conform with the “trends of today” many people feel the pressure to keep up with others; leading to the fear of failure. This leaves many people struggling to find their public image because the hesitation that comes along with the fear of making the wrong social choices.

Many people lose the ability to see who they are in reality due to their constant forming of their “image”. In source C it states “Some believe that a person’s self-image is defined by events that affect him or her (doing well or not in school, work, or relationships.)”, This shows how not only social media but also social interaction in general can harm a person. With the increase in the spread of social media among today’s teens and young adults many people fear that their insecurities will be more visible to outsiders. Source D states “The effects of low self-esteem can leave you feeling pretty down.”, this shows how a person without strong self-actualization is missing the necessary protection from the grasp of social judgement.

In the image shown in source E it is shown that self-actualization is the biggest requirement for a “successful being”. Actualizing the self is the greatest way to find who one is and who one is meant to be. Source F shows the lack of self-actualization in teens by showing the most common body image perceptions that teens have about themselves. These things include things as 81% of 10 year olds being scared of being considered overweight. This shows the disturbing reality that surrounds our youth of today.

Without self-actualization teens and young adults today are missing a critical strategy when it comes to maintaining their self-esteem in the face of constant external pressure. The need for a strong self-actualization is even more relevant in today’s social media based generation. With the constant pressure to maintain trends being crammed down the throats of the kids in today’s society, it is crucial that the desire for self-acceptance be entwined in the generations to come. Without self-actualization the problem of conforming will increase to grow in the youth of the world, ultimately, leading to the destruction of individualism in society.

Skeeters Take On Rockwall

The Mesquite Skeeters Varsity Football team took on the Rockwall Yellowjackets in last Friday’s game at Hanby Stadium.

The Skeeter’s came into their senior night desperate for a win to send their graduating off on the right note.

As the 1st quarter kicked off the game began in a very competitive fashion with the Skeeters and the Yellowjackets going back and forth on the scoreboard. The 1st quarter ended with the game in Rockwall’s favor 10 to 7.

The 2nd quarter was completely one sided with Rockwall putting up 13 unanswered points on the board and taking a 23-7 lead.

As halftime came and went the Skeeters turned up for the 3rd quarter and put 14 points compared to the Yellowjackets 7.

The 4th quarter was a less exciting experience with the Skeeters only being able to put up 6 points. The Yellowjackets lit up the Skeeter defense and were able to put up 17 points on them.

The final score was 47-27 with the Yellowjackets winning dominantly.

Skeeters Varsity Football battle the Raiders!

The Mesquite Skeeter Varsity boys football team took on the Tyler Lee Raiders in Friday nights game at Hanby Stadium in a thrilling game.

The Skeeters game into the game looking to change their luck after a narrow loss to John Tyler in last Fridays game.

As the game began the Skeeters dominated the 1st quarter putting up 14 points on the board and only allowing Lee to get 1 touchdown on the board.

The 2nd quarter was much more dynamic with the Skeeters putting up another 14 points on the board and Tyler Lee battling back and adding 21 points of their own.

As halftime came the score was Mesquite 28, Tyler Lee 28.

Tyler Lee took a more dominate stance in the game during the 3rd quarter by putting 14 points up and only allowing the Skeeters to add one touchdown to their effort.

The 4th quarter was thrilling, with both teams adding 14 points onto the board leaving the game 56-49 with Tyler Lee in the lead and 1 minute 34 seconds left on the clock. As the Skeeters took what would most likely be their last possession Quarterback, Anthony Tennison, was prepared to lead his team on one final drive.

With a spectacular catch from Running Back, Chance Fisher the Skeeters were on the 4 yard line with 36 seconds left on the clock. With one tough push, Fisher was into the endzone and the Skeeters had the decision to kick the tying field goal or go for the instant win by going for two.

Mesquite decided to put their chances in fate and go for the instant win on a handoff to Fisher who pounded into the endzone for the two-point conversion.

The game ended Mesquite 57, Tyler Lee 56.

The Skeeters face Rockwall-Heath High School in Heath this Friday at 7:30.

We Are Maroon!

Skeeters Fall To The Lions!

The Mesquite Skeeters Varsity Football team took on the John Tyler Lions in last Friday’s game in Tyler.

The Skeeters came into the game low on confidence after a defeat to the John Horn Jaguars.

As the game began the Skeeters and Lions went back and forth, each team having their chances and opportunities on offense and also when defending. The Skeeters were able to put 7 points on the board first but John Tyler followed shortly after, tying the game up 7-7.

As the 2nd quarter began, John Tyler was shut out by the Skeeters defense and were unable to score. Mesquites offense was able to capitalize on this and put another touchdown on the board, taking the lead 14-7.

The 3rd quarter kicked off and John Tyler came out swinging, putting up one touchdown and two field goals in the quarter and taking the lead 20-14 and carrying this lead into the 4th quarter.

The 4th quarter was shut out for both sides, with neither team being able to put any points on the board.

The Skeeters have a bye this week and do not play again until homecoming week against Tyler Lee at Hanby Stadium.

Skeeter Football Falls To Horn

The Mesquite Skeeters Varsity Football team took on the John Horn Jaguars at Memorial Stadium on Friday, September 23rd.

The Skeeters came into the game 2-2 after a heartbreaking loss to rivals North Mesquite, and were looking to pick themselves up and move forward with a victory.

The game began swiftly for the Skeeters with an immediate touchdown. The Jaguars responded nearly as quick putting up a touchdown of their own and tying the game 7-7.

The Jaguars came into the 2nd quarter on fire putting up 21 points compared to the Skeeters 10 points in response.

As halftime came and went it was Horns game 28-17.

The 2nd half began and Horn once again was dominate, putting up 14 points in the 3rd quarter and shutting down the Skeeters offense completely.

This ended up being the dagger into the Skeeters confidence, with them only being allowed to score one touchdown in the 4th quarter.

The game ended with Horn being victorious 49-24.

The Skeeters take on the John Tyler Lions on Friday, September 30th at John Tyler.

Mesquite Varsity Football Takes On The Stallions!

The Mesquite Skeeter Varsity football team took on the North Mesquite Stallions on Friday, September 16th,  at Memorial Stadium in an intense rivalry match up.

The Skeeters came into the game with high energy and were excited to take on their cross-city rivals.

The game began with the Skeeters once again putting up a fantastic 1st quarter, putting up 10 points on the board while shutting the Stallion offense down. The Skeeters continued their high attacking offense in the 2nd quarter by putting up another touchdown. Although on the defensive side of the ball the Skeeters weren’t as successful allowing the Stallions to put two touchdowns on the board.

As halftime came around the Skeeters led the Stallions 17-14.

The Stallions shut out the Skeeters in the 3rd putting up 14 more points on the board and keeping the Skeeters shutout.

The 4th quarter was an exciting one, with the Skeeters attempting to battle back from a 17-28 deficit. The Skeeter put up a touchdown with Junior receiver, Carlos Aguilar, taking the ball into the endzone. After completing the 2-point conversion the score was now 25-28, with the Stallions holding onto a slight lead.

The score would remain the same during the final 2 minutes of the game to have North Mesquite winning the game 25-28.

The Skeeters take on the Horn Jaguars this coming Friday, September 23, at Memorial Stadium.

Come out and support our boys as they attempt to get that win and become 1-1 in district play!


We all have thoughts that overcome our minds, we all lose ourselves in the events that plague our brains, you see me like this, I see myself like that,  our realities are different yet the same.

How could you ever understand me when I can’t understand myself? How could you ever find the answers you need when you don’t even know the questions being asked?

All the noise, all the yelling, all the voices,

Just listen.

Looking at any situation in one specific direction can cause you to see it totally different than another person in the same situation.

Looking at any situation in one specific direction can cause you to see it totally different than another person in the same situation.


While taking the time to understand and see a situation from another perspective can help one understand another's situation.

While taking the time to understand and see a situation from another perspective can help one understand another’s situation.

Mesquite Varsity Takes On Sachse!

The Mesquite High School Varsity Football Team took on the Sachse Mustangs on Thursday September 8th, at Hanby Stadium in a thrilling contest.

The Skeeters who came into the game on confidence with a record of 2-0 found themselves ready to compete with a Sachse team that also found itself undefeated.

As the game kicked off the Skeeters made an immediate impact by scoring within the first minute of the game. This kicked off what would be an exciting 1st quarter for the Skeeters who put 17 points on board, compared to the Mustangs 7.

The 2nd quarter was more success for the Skeeters who put up another touchdown on the scoreboard and continued to shut down the Mustangs offense.

As halftime came the game was 20-7, with the Skeeters in the lead.

The second half was a completely different game with the Mustangs putting up 21 points onto the board compared to Mesquites 6 points, which came from a Ja’Wan Edosomwan touchdown although the point after was missed.

Although the Skeeters attempted a comeback in the 4th quarter, it wasn’t enough to overcome the explosive Mustang offense who had turned on for the 2nd half.

The final score was Sachse 41, Mesquite 32.

The Skeeters face the North Mesquite Stallions this upcoming Friday, September 16th at Memorial Stadium, in an explosive rivalry game.

Young Love

The following is a verbal explanation of the painting above:

I feel like you’ve forgotten me,
thrown away all of our memories,
given up on me at least anyways,

I don’t know what exactly caused this,
nor will I ever be able to be fine with this,
but I see now that there’s no hope for changing your mind on this,

I promised myself to leave in order to ease your pain,
I’d man up and take all the blame,
but for some reason I can’t seem to escape your complain,
surely baby you can see that was never on my brain,

I’m here now 30,000 feet above the world,
all that’s on my mind is my heart, my love, my girl,
couldn’t you see that all I really wanted was you and me,
no pain, no hurt, no suffering,

it was all too soon for my heart to heal,
the dagger that I felt- you would’ve thought it would kill,
but I pulled it out, stopped the bleeding and smiled back,
just so you knew that my heart towards you could never turn black,

baby ill always love you,
for you my heart will always beat,
even now when I think of your smile it takes me off my feet,

I hope he makes you as happy as you made me,
I hope he gives you the hope that one day everything will all be okay,
I hope he’s the smile when everything around you seems grey,
baby i hope he can be me again one day,

but for now all I wish is that your heart blooms endlessly,
as from 30,000 feet I stare at the sea,
baby your love was like a puzzle that seemed such a mystery,
each day without it- I lose apart of me,

I turn further into the monster I pretend to be,
because to hide the pain I need to cleanse the history,
I need some sort of relief from the drug that is you,
because it seems to me now that I’ve overdosed over the lack of you,

save me save me,
baby please save me,
I can’t do it anymore,
I’m screaming out in agony,
I can’t handle what’s now become,
because I never expected to lose in the way that I have done,

you were my number one party anthem,
My rays of the sun,
my relief from the nightmares,
baby you were my only one,

I would never have hurt you,
I would never have run,
it was me and you against the world,
you and I together as one,

but you’re gone now,
it’s okay,
I wish you the best,
because maybe you were the best and I would never say you weren’t better than the rest,

more than a lover,
like the strongest cover,
patched up a broken man,
showed him love like no other,

thank you for putting me back together,
thank you for helping me up,
thank you for showing me that there was such thing as luck,

3 am convos brought us together,
3 am convos tore us apart,
you were my 3 am convo when the whole world was dark,

you saved me from myself,
you saved me from the pills on the shelf,
you saved me from the razor that I so often felt the pain itself,

you were my guardian angel,
but all angels must return,
but don’t worry because I’ll never forget all the things you’ve helped me learn,

thanks again darlin,
for all that you did,
I just hope that you know when I wrote this,
it was all for you and no it wasn’t just because we were just kids.

The artist describes their view on the rollercoaster that is balancing the stresses of school work, social lives, and the ever confusing puzzle that is- Young Love.

By using a mixture of warm reds and cold blues, the artist allows the viewer to understand that opposites can not only attract but thrive and desire each other.

The angle in which the hands are displayed also shows portrays a person letting go off another person that is now falling. This explains how even though the heart may want to continue to hold on to a dream or person, sometimes it’s inevitable that a person must let go.

Skeeter’s Take On Jesuit

The varsity basketball team won a nail biter last night in the Bi-District round of the state playoffs vs. the Dallas Jesuit Rangers 57-56 in overtime. The Skeeters were down most of the game but stayed the course and continued to fight the entire contest.

It was a heck of a game and both teams competed to the very end. The Skeeters were led by Bryson Robinson with a game high 29 points, Anthony McGee with 11 points on 3-6 from 3 point range, John Milton with 10 points, 13 rebounds, and Daniel Thomas-Ray with 4 points and 7 rebounds. Robinson’s free throw in OT was the game winner.

The Skeeters move on to the area round where they will face the Rowlett Eagles on Friday night @ Lake Highlands Basketball Complex on the campus of LH High School.

The game time is 7:30 p.m.  Please come out and support our players on Friday night vs. a tough Rowlett team.