Mighty Maroon Competition!

On Wednesday, October 25th the Mighty Maroon Band, led by Lance Flisowski, had their final competition of the year, the UIL Region Marching Contest at Memorial Stadium.

They performed their show “Feng Shui Elements That Bind The Universe,” and got a 1st division. The show consists of 5 songs and props which represent five elements; Fire (represented by “Finale” from Symphony No. 9), Water (represented by “Claire de Lune”), Metal (represented by “Foundry”), Wood (represented by “Into the Village”), and Earth (represented by “What Are You Going to do When You Aren’t Saving the World” from Man of Steel).

John Horn and North Mesquite also performed and received a 1st division. Congratulations to all of the schools that were involved, especially to our hard-working Mighty Maroon Band! Skeeter Pride!

20 Useless Facts You Don’t Need To Know But Will Probably Read Anyways

  1. The electric chair was created by a dentist so this useless fact sure does bring a whole new fear attending the dentist. As if going to the dentist wasn’t scary enough!
  2. Find bugs and creepy crawlies absolutely disturbing? Well I think you’d like to know that nearly 80% of all animals on earth have six legs! Gross!
  3. Looking for a way to lose weight but you’re too lazy? Well you actually burn more calories than watching TV.
  4. Are you a Coca-Cola drinker? Well just know that it was originally green!
  5. Do you think that your name is common and a generic name that a lot of people have? Well the most common name in the world is actually Mohammed.
  6. It takes about 142 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop if anyone was actually wondering. The owl lied.
  7. A snail can sleep for three years. Talk about life goals.
  8. Only 2% of the Earth’s population has natural green eyes.
  9. Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents
  10. What is the color of a polar bears fur? Well if your answer is white then you’re wrong! Their fur is actually transparent!
  11. An ant’s sense of smell is stronger than a dog’s.
  12. Taking a quick nap after learning can help strengthen your memory. Bring nap time to high school!
  13. Caterpillars have about four thousand muscles. Do YOU even lift bro?
  14. The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. #fleeky
  15. You can start a fire with ice
  16. The name for the space between your eyebrows is “nasion”.
  17. The only lizard that has a voice is a the gecko. No wonder they chose one of those to represent Geico.
  18. You have approximately 9000 taste buds on your tongue.
  19. Forty is the only number in alphabetical order.
  20. Fish CAN actually drown!


We all have thoughts that overcome our minds, we all lose ourselves in the events that plague our brains, you see me like this, I see myself like that,  our realities are different yet the same.

How could you ever understand me when I can’t understand myself? How could you ever find the answers you need when you don’t even know the questions being asked?

All the noise, all the yelling, all the voices,

Just listen.

Looking at any situation in one specific direction can cause you to see it totally different than another person in the same situation.

Looking at any situation in one specific direction can cause you to see it totally different than another person in the same situation.


While taking the time to understand and see a situation from another perspective can help one understand another's situation.

While taking the time to understand and see a situation from another perspective can help one understand another’s situation.

Young Love

The following is a verbal explanation of the painting above:

I feel like you’ve forgotten me,
thrown away all of our memories,
given up on me at least anyways,

I don’t know what exactly caused this,
nor will I ever be able to be fine with this,
but I see now that there’s no hope for changing your mind on this,

I promised myself to leave in order to ease your pain,
I’d man up and take all the blame,
but for some reason I can’t seem to escape your complain,
surely baby you can see that was never on my brain,

I’m here now 30,000 feet above the world,
all that’s on my mind is my heart, my love, my girl,
couldn’t you see that all I really wanted was you and me,
no pain, no hurt, no suffering,

it was all too soon for my heart to heal,
the dagger that I felt- you would’ve thought it would kill,
but I pulled it out, stopped the bleeding and smiled back,
just so you knew that my heart towards you could never turn black,

baby ill always love you,
for you my heart will always beat,
even now when I think of your smile it takes me off my feet,

I hope he makes you as happy as you made me,
I hope he gives you the hope that one day everything will all be okay,
I hope he’s the smile when everything around you seems grey,
baby i hope he can be me again one day,

but for now all I wish is that your heart blooms endlessly,
as from 30,000 feet I stare at the sea,
baby your love was like a puzzle that seemed such a mystery,
each day without it- I lose apart of me,

I turn further into the monster I pretend to be,
because to hide the pain I need to cleanse the history,
I need some sort of relief from the drug that is you,
because it seems to me now that I’ve overdosed over the lack of you,

save me save me,
baby please save me,
I can’t do it anymore,
I’m screaming out in agony,
I can’t handle what’s now become,
because I never expected to lose in the way that I have done,

you were my number one party anthem,
My rays of the sun,
my relief from the nightmares,
baby you were my only one,

I would never have hurt you,
I would never have run,
it was me and you against the world,
you and I together as one,

but you’re gone now,
it’s okay,
I wish you the best,
because maybe you were the best and I would never say you weren’t better than the rest,

more than a lover,
like the strongest cover,
patched up a broken man,
showed him love like no other,

thank you for putting me back together,
thank you for helping me up,
thank you for showing me that there was such thing as luck,

3 am convos brought us together,
3 am convos tore us apart,
you were my 3 am convo when the whole world was dark,

you saved me from myself,
you saved me from the pills on the shelf,
you saved me from the razor that I so often felt the pain itself,

you were my guardian angel,
but all angels must return,
but don’t worry because I’ll never forget all the things you’ve helped me learn,

thanks again darlin,
for all that you did,
I just hope that you know when I wrote this,
it was all for you and no it wasn’t just because we were just kids.

The artist describes their view on the rollercoaster that is balancing the stresses of school work, social lives, and the ever confusing puzzle that is- Young Love.

By using a mixture of warm reds and cold blues, the artist allows the viewer to understand that opposites can not only attract but thrive and desire each other.

The angle in which the hands are displayed also shows portrays a person letting go off another person that is now falling. This explains how even though the heart may want to continue to hold on to a dream or person, sometimes it’s inevitable that a person must let go.

UIL Results!!

MHS co-hosted with Sunnyvale High School a large (16 schools) and tough UIL Academics practice tourney covering ALL spring meet events.  THANK YOU to all MHS staff who volunteered to time, judge, grade and help us fulfill our hosting duties!  We still need folks for a similar event on Saturday, Feb.  27th so let Darrell Taylor in P12 know if you can spare a morning or afternoon to support our “best” kids!

Results from Jan 30th Meet – congratulate these kids and coaches!

Accounting (Coach Stephanie Kramer) – FIRST place team and FIRST place individual, Elric Sharber…this is always an area of STRENGTH for us

Calculator Applications (Coach Crisstie Crim) – second place team plus 2nd & 3rd individuals in Michael Hernandez and Felicity Pawlowski…very exciting results as we’ve been focusing on getting better!
Mathematics (Coach Elaina Carter) – second place team plus 3rd/6th individuals in Daisy Secundino and Felicity Pawlowski

Computer Science (Coach Elizabeth Baker) – second place team and FIRST place individual, Dalton LaCour…this is the first time MHS has even fielded a team in this event and we don’t even offer a class in PC Science!

Social Studies (Coach Hillary Dias) – fifth place individual, Kevin Martinez (a FRESHMAN!)

Literary Criticism (Coach Jarrod Swint) – 4th place individual, Beatriz Libero
Ready Writing (Coach Erin VanSickle) – 3rd place individual, Beatriz Libero…historically not a strong event for us but the work is starting to pay off!
Spelling/Vocabulary (Coach Erin VanSickle) – second place team and 2nd/3rd individuals – Crystal Mathew and Annsuriya Saji

Journalism (all coached by Rachel Syblik) – and our two 2015 STATE Qualifiers weren’t even there due to a conflict!  These are all 9th/10th graders
Second Overall Journalism team
News Writing – Jasmine Robles, 4th
Feature Writing – Sharese Thomas, 3rd and Jasmine Robles, 4th
Editorial Writing – Chemareea Biggs, 5th and Jasmine Robles, 6th
Headline Writing – Sharese Thomas, 3rd

Speech and Debate (Coach Andrew Greenberg) – also missing some of our stars due to other commitments but strong showing as always
Second Overall Speech team (by 2 measly points)
C-X Debate – 2nd place Maria Tovar/Juliana Mathew
Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2nd, Kierra Dobbins; 3rd, Reba Miller
Poetry Interpretation – 3rd, Cameron Edwards
Prose Interp – 2nd, Tatianna Beverly
Persuasive Speaking – 2nd, Xavier Coonrod

-MHS 3rd place TEAM in Current Issues/Events and Science
-Entries in Number Sense, Computer Applications, Informative Speaking

Fall in Dallas

1.At the Dallas Aboretum, you could visit the pumpkin village! The village is made out of over 75,000 pumpkins, gourds, and squash! This festival includes special events like a hay bale maze, a pumpkin patch, scavenger hunts, Mommy and Me Mondays, Tiny Tot Tuesdays, music and more!  This festival is on from October to November 25th from 9AM to 5PM. Prices vary from age: $15 for adults, $12 for seniors 65+, $10 for children 3 to 12. and children under the age of two are free! There is an additional cost of $3 to get into the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, and on-site parking is $15; but if you order one online then its $8!

2. The Texas State Fair is now open! With concerts, animals, rides, and great food comes great attraction! The Texas State Fair buildings open at 10AM to 10PM. The ticket prices also vary on age, but general admission is $18! Students usually get a free ticket at their school. There is self parking available on Official State Fair lots for $15 per space.


3. At Cottonwood Park, there are more than 240 visual artists lined up showing off their artwork. Exhibited paintings, sculptures, metalwork, digital pieces, and more are available to purchase. At the Lakeside Courtyard, local bands play, and you’ll also be able to find food, and drinks! There will be an Artshop filled with children activities. The festival is free as well as parking!

4. For all the anime fans, there is the Ghibli Festival: Princess Mononoke for just $8 at Angelika Film Center & Cafe in Dallas, you can watch an animated film filled with conflict between humans, gods, and nature.


Skeeter’s Stomp Jesuit

IMG_0414On Thursday, March 26, 2014 the Mesquite Skeeter’s boys soccer team took on the Jesuit Rangers in the Skeeter’s first playoff game in 6 years.

The Skeeter’s who came into the game full of excitement and anticipation started off the game by dominating possession. The Skeeter’s put shot after shot on target, forcing the Ranger’s keeper to make many challenging saves but the Skeeter’s were unable to put anything in. The first half ended, 0-0 with the Skeeter’s dominating the game so far.

As the second half kicked off the Skeeter’s didn’t let up, continuing the challenge the Ranger’s back line with sharp runs and shots on goal. The Skeeter’s back line held firm as well, stopping any of the Ranger’s attacks before they could begin. With less than a minute left in regulation the Rangers launched an attack on the Skeeter net, moving up everyone in a last second offensive. As the attack took pace, Skeeter Goalkeeper Alexis Ibarra stood firm to stop the shot from distance. With this shot the game drew to the end of regulation, the score 0-0.

The game now moving to extra time.

The Ranger’s dominated the first half of extra time, launching attack on attack towards the Skeeter net. With 3 minutes to go in the first half of extra time the Ranger’s found the back of a net on a goal that was called back shortly after due to offsides and a foul on Skeeter defender, Jesus Gaytan. This challenge on Gaytan left him having to come out of the game to receive treatment. As the first half of extra time came to a close, the score remained 0-0.

As the second half of extra time began both teams found it hard to maintain possession, constantly losing the ball due to the exhaustion that had fallen over both sides players. The Skeeter’s maintain a slight advantage due to their defensive strength, as they were able to hold off the speedy attacks of Jesuit’s wingers. Both the Skeeter’s and Ranger’s attacks were unavailing as neither team was able to put the ball into the net. As the final whistle rang the score remand 0-0, sending the match into penalty kicks.

Skeeter’s Hernesto Mendoza, Christian Aleman, Saul Para and Geovanni Rayas put in the Skeeter’s first four penalty kicks, with Skeeter keeper Alexis Ibarra stopping the Ranger’s fourth penalty to give the Skeeter’s the advantage. With the game in his hands Mesquite defender, Austin “Caillou” Cuevas stepped to take the Skeeter’s fifth penalty kick. With his penalty being the deciding factor, Cuevas stood strong and put the ball into the back of the net.

Giving the Skeeter’s the victory in Penalty kicks, 5-4.

With this victory the Skeeter’s advance to the second round of the playoffs.

Pink Floyd: The Endless Album Review

Thinking Pink Floyd’s album “The Dark Side of the Moon,” was their last album, Pink Floyd surprised us all with the new album release “The Endless River” on November 10, 2014. With 18 songs on their regular album and 17 on their deluxe edition, the album is based on material recorded in 1993 and 1994 during the “Division Bell”. Recording sessions were held at Britannia Row Studios and aboard the Astoria, where “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” was also partly recorded. Bassist and song writer Roger Waters, who left the band in 1985, was not involved in the making of the new album. The Endless River is confirmed to be the final Pink Floyd album.

The album is described by the band as a “predominantly ambient and instrumental album”.  The closing track, “Louder Than Words” is the albums only song to have a lead vocal track, with lyrics by David Gilmour’s wife herself, Polly Samson.

Mesquite Meets Mary Poppins Re-Cap

The Mesquite High School Theater Department took on the challenge of being one of the first amateur theaters to perform the freshly released

Mary Poppins (musical)

Mary Poppins (musical) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Broadway rendition of Disney’s Mary Poppins. 

This spectacular kids’ classic about the paradoxical world around us and the value of  the family has been masterfully brought to life in The Sherman Brothers’ and Cameron Mackintosh’s Broadway variation. Luckily for the audience viewing Mesquite’s performance on the weekend of Thursday, Jan. 22 to Saturday, Jan. 24, the life of the work was almost brought to life in the bold attempt of the MHS Theater Department, but seemed to lack a certain panache that would make the evening’s proceedings truly dazzling.

To begin, immediately as the performance began, I was overtaken with the set. While not the most complex scene, it was subtle and just enough to convey the setting. The artwork allowed for the scenes such as the park and Bank’s home to give off an air of simplicity yet luxury that permeated English upper-class of the time. Although, I was taken aback a tad when Mr. Banks pulled a modern-day umbrella from the wall towards the beginning of the performance, but such trivial nuances hardly detract from the overall merit.

As the night continued, I was delighted to hear tunes that I was familiar with in my youth from the original Disney production of Mary Poppins. The actors seemed to invoke the memories of childhood with familiar numbers such as Chim Chim Cher-ee and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It was heartwarming to see such numbers performed with an air of lightheartedness and outright fun that the cast provided. Personally, I find the most important thing in any performance is that the actors enjoy what they do, and as always, the cast here at Mesquite High did just that.

However, I was a bit disappointed in some of the English accents I heard. While I myself probably have a horrible English accent (as most Americans do),  almost from the get-go some characters seemed to be finding the accent they desired and unfortunately did not find it until a quarter of the way through the performance. Although, some accents actually impressed me because knowing some of the actors and having talked to them, I would have never believed that they were capable of producing such believable tones and dialects in a voice besides their own.

These variations of accents for the most part translated into splendid vocal performances by most of the cast, but a few times there were instances of  incorrect tonality for the character’s role, which did not by any means take away from the performance by the cast in general.

The same could quite possibly be said for a majority of the choreography presented throughout the night. While the score was quite impressive in the upbeat portions where large amounts of choreography were used, the choreography often seemed out of synch and confused, could have just been open night jitters.

By the end of the night, I would have to say that although some parts showed some flaws the overall performance by the cast was phenomenal.  A few things needed tightening up, but many things were very well performed.  Personally I would have liked to see a sense of ownership between actor and role but all-in-all, I enjoyed the performance. It was charming in its own way, and the willingness of the actors and their familiarity with the pieces music of Mary Poppins allowed for an enjoyable performance for everybody.






New Feminist Trend – Armpit Hair Dying

Story by: Alex Turner

In protest of the opinion, “women should be shaved at all times,” a new trend appears for all the feminists out there. Instead of having silky smooth pits, these girls are going to another level by growing out their armpit hair and giving it some glamour by dying it an un-natural color. The trend credit goes to Roxie Hunt, a hairstylist at Seattle salon called Vain.

While some do not understand the trend, saying it looks gross or disgusting, it could actually be the next step in ‘girl power’ or feminism to take control of their own body image.

The trend of dying your armpit hair turned out to be extremely controversial, as I suspected it would get when I first saw it.  It’s a controversial issue because it’s generally looked down on for a women to grow out body hair. Any hair besides the eyebrows and hair from the scalp is seen as bad, and that’s why there’s a whole industry dedicated to getting rid of body hair.

As I aged, I agreed that body hair was gross. More recently, I challenged that thought and realized that it’s pretty pointless. Body hair isn’t at all a bad thing, and I feel like people should embrace their natural bodies the way they are. Grooming is fine, that’s everyone’s personal decision. Women shouldn’t be forced to shave or be shamed about it if they dont. It should be seen as normal as getting a haircut. Some girls like short hair, others want to grow it out, others none at all.