Hello…..Moe’Skeeter here…welcome to the NEW Swarm newspaper.

I would like to invite you to an interactive part of our newspaper.  This is where questions can be asked, and concerns can be discussed.  However, I must inform you that by no means am I qualified to give you legal or medical advice, I am only here as an ear and a shoulder, and when possible I will give you good sound advice, but what you do with it is totally your choice.

My column  is strictly for entertainment purposes.

So if your friends won’t tell you ” those pants make your backside look big”, or “those green pumps don’t go with that purple dress”, or “how to organize your over stuffed closet on a dime” or cool tips on how to create a study group and make all your teachers see the budding student you have become, then give me a shout…I will be glad to help you out and even give you a few extra pointers here and there.

See you in the “funny” pages.

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