Golf Update

On February 17 & 18 at Sulphur Springs Country Club in the District Preview Golf Tournament Liesia found herself out of the top 10 shooting an 85 on Friday. However, on Saturday Liesia came back with an even par 72 to finish 4th. That same day she had two coaches from Drury University there watching her and immediately after the round they verbally offered her a full golf scholarship.

On February 24 & 25 at Cottonwood Creek Golf Course in Waco at the Regional Preview Tournament Liesia fired a 79 Friday on a cold windy day. Saturday with the temperature in the high 30’s and low 40’s most of the morning Liesia struggled the front nine shooting 43 holding only a 2 shot lead over a girl from Wylie. Holes 16, 17 and 18 Liesia went birdie, birdie and par while the Wylie girl had bogeys on all three holes. Liesia shot 37 on the back nine and won the tournament. Liesia’s next tournament is Monday, March 6th at Dallas Athletic Club.

Students Lead Demonstration On Campus Against Immigration Policies

The climate in the country has officially hit campus, as students walked out of class en masse to challenge the recent hardening of immigration laws in the U.S., which many of them feel will affect their families.

The walk out was expected to happen yesterday, but much to the relief of the administration it did not.

“We are [advocating] for the Mexican and proud,” said Kimberly, a student at MHS. “Thanks to two immigrants, I’m legal here… so I’m out here thanking my parents. I’m proud that I’m a legal immigrant.”

Kimberly was incredibly passionate about her cause, and the atmosphere of the crowd echoed her voice.

50+ students sat on the side of East Davis Street with signs that were aimed directly at President Trump. These scenes are incredibly familiar, as they are going on all around the nation as Trump’s campaign promises start to form into reality.

“All the kids here are helping spread the message.” said Kimberly.

Officers were on the scene as well in order to make sure that the students didn’t come into to harms way, or cause a disturbance on private property.

A police officer said, “I absolutely agree with what they’re doing, they have every right to do this as long as they obey laws and do not interrupt traffic.”

Students and parents alike are hugely impacted by the decisions made in this historic period in our lives. This demonstration seems to just be an embodiment of the concerns immigrant children and parents alike feel at home and in their daily lives.

There was also a demonstration going on at Skyline High School.

It All Comes to a Close

To put it plainly, in eighteen years of life, I’ve noticed that many of my peers are largely unaware of the reality that faces them on May 27th. In my mind, this is the date that things are finally turned loose, and all of my efforts for the past 13 years culminate to. To others, it is simply another stepping stone in the educational hierarchy – and this is where many people fail to ascertain the true nature and gravity of graduating. After receiving a diploma and after walking off stage, that’s when we as students get to decide what’s next – and that will be the hardest thing. Up until this point, we’ve been directed in our decisions. Since we’ve been five years old, we were told to go to school and make good grades. Since twelve, we were told that we had to start thinking about our futures that were fast approaching. Since sixteen, many students were told to go get their drivers license. In our eighteenth year of life, the decision is suddenly left up to us. “What colleges are you going to apply for?” they ask. “Are you going to take out student loans?” they question. The life of unquestioning faithfulness to the words of adults is quickly coming to a close as we become the adults.

I only recently came to grips with this idea, and I find myself in a state of disbelief. Of course I do not doubt that some of my classmates won’t go on to hit the ground sprinting following the graduation ceremony, and will fully assimilate into the strange new land across the horizon; but what of those who remain sheltered and remain oblivious to the true nature of the world outside of high school – unforgiving, cold and larger than any other. Up until this point, we’ve only received a small slice of life where our portions have been facilitated and reviewed as to not overwhelm anybody. This is not how it really works.

Life begins to rush at us at unprecedented speeds following graduation. There is no one here to tell us how much of life’s experiences we can intake at one time – it’s a free-for-all. I will take a larger portion than some, and many will likely take an even larger portion than I.

All things considered, I am bewildered by the fact that this is what 13 years amounts to. Walking across a stage into a dead-sprint through a strange wood; leaving the comfort of home for the chaos of apartment leases, car payments, copious amounts of bills and crippling college debt. To me it seems that a high school diploma buys us debt and confusion, and in turn, confusion about that debt.

Perhaps this is the world we live in.

We can only prepare so much for such a life-changing moment, and perhaps it’s unfair to expect anyone to live for that moment. My parents, especially, are constantly telling me to enjoy my final moths, because after this, that’s it. No more cradling. No more people telling me how to live. No more guidance. As I said before, life as we know it is coming to a close. No one would willingly run to

ward the apocalypse, so really, may

be we young adults are just utilizing what little time we have before the end. Maybe, it is imperative for us to continue being young until May, before we are denied that right.

I know my mom (bless her soul for raising such an inwardly reflective child with bad temperament) has always reminded how great it would be to be young again. Honestly, being young really is great. I am free to do as I please and basically excuse it as “trying to partake in new experiences.” I am free to voice my opinions and claim it in pursuit of “seeking intellectual verification.” Ina a time so full of change, I long for consistency and the perseverance of young ideals. Largely, I rebuke the storm of change.

In the coming months of college acceptance letters and copious senior events, I hope I can eek out some semblance of who I am, before I must become something else entirely.

Skeeters Take On Rockwall

The Mesquite Skeeters Varsity Football team took on the Rockwall Yellowjackets in last Friday’s game at Hanby Stadium.

The Skeeter’s came into their senior night desperate for a win to send their graduating off on the right note.

As the 1st quarter kicked off the game began in a very competitive fashion with the Skeeters and the Yellowjackets going back and forth on the scoreboard. The 1st quarter ended with the game in Rockwall’s favor 10 to 7.

The 2nd quarter was completely one sided with Rockwall putting up 13 unanswered points on the board and taking a 23-7 lead.

As halftime came and went the Skeeters turned up for the 3rd quarter and put 14 points compared to the Yellowjackets 7.

The 4th quarter was a less exciting experience with the Skeeters only being able to put up 6 points. The Yellowjackets lit up the Skeeter defense and were able to put up 17 points on them.

The final score was 47-27 with the Yellowjackets winning dominantly.

Stranger Things

Recently, the state of affairs in these United States has taken a strange downturn. Races are crying out so that their voices may be heard; women still feel under-appreciated at home and in the workplace; voters find themselves divided among the lesser of two evils in the primary party representatives. Indeed these are strange times, and everyone seems to be entrapped in one or more of these conflicts.

Everyone older than the age of twenty-one, that is.

If we look at any high school in these United States, it would be taxing to find any student student knowing more about the 2016 presidential elections than media-fed responses such as “Donald Trump hates Mexicans,” or “Hillary is a liar.” It would be equally as hard to look at these students’ Twitters, Facebook, Instagrams or any social media platform where they haven’t put in their two-cents into the social maelstrom of #BLM and @CollinKappernick.

At first glance, it’s easy to say that the youth are just trying to get their voice out there – that perhaps they simply wish to voice their opinions to their peers and see something get done. But there lies the problem. Students simply wish to see something get done, not to get something done.

As a student, I find it increasingly disheartening to watch oh-so-many of my fellow alumni falling into the trap of generic statements on social outlets, yet when I pass by them in the hallways, they speak of nothing but the latest in-house gossip. I find it strange when some misinformed student stands in the midst of class and regurgitates the same facts and same commentary as CNN reporters or FOX reporters or the brain-vomit of any extremist on the internet.

If we are indeed the generation with the most access to knowledge, if we are indeed receiving the best public schooling there is to offer, why can only a select few individuals display the traits befitting of this fact? Why are we still letting students freely drop out of high school at the age of 16, when no job will take them seriously without at least a GED? Strangely, no one associates any of this with the current state of affairs.

To be honest (or tbh, to those who are text savvy), maybe the precipitate of this isn’t wholly the fault of the students themselves. Perhaps the burden befalls the entire generation as a whole. As long as I can remember, there has always been a mold that was pre-determined for us children of the 21st century. Parents reward anything that takes more than a micro-neuron of brainpower. Teachers congratulate students who think four times four is eight because they “at least tried.”

The age for “at least trying” is over in my opinion. The world is spiraling out of control faster than we would like to think. The ones to decide the fate of the world will be us. Be it Hillary or Trump : blue or red, they will be our president. Then four years from now, it will befall on our shoulders to decide if they shall return. The racial tension does not end at the riot shields, it ends when we say enough is enough. When people decide to stop hashtagging, and start going out and pursuing a difference – not from the comfort of the bed or the desk, but out in the real, unbridled, and tough world.

Different Views on Mexico

Most people who have never been to Mexico, think it can be a dangerous place. But people who grew up in Mexico or are actually from there call it home. So, is Mexico is dangerous or safe? This summer, I had the opportunity to take a cruise to Cozumel and Progresso, Mexico. Believe me when I tell you they are two totally different places even though they aren’t that far apart.

Cozumel is more of a tourist attraction and I felt completely safe.  There are tons of resorts with lots of activities and all for different prices. The staff, which are native to the country, always made sure we were comfortable and asked if we needed anything drink or eat. They beaches are white sand and you can walk out or swim to 15 feet deep and still see straight to the bottom, the water is crystal clear. There is a pier where you can buy anything you think of or have a spa day if you want one. Everything is very clean and nice. There’s just so much to do in Cozumel that it’s hard to squeeze everything in just a couple hours before the cruise leaves.

Progresso was mainly shops and they would chase you down to buy that one necklace you were looking at and keep lowering the price. I wouldn’t say I was scared I was probably more sad because there was a lot more less fortunate people, and they tried so hard to get you to buy something and you could tell that they needed it. It is definitely not like Cozumel where if you said no then they just left you alone (for the most part). Progresso had multiple of the same merchandize in all of the vender shops. I think me and my family were stopped at least 5 times to get a massage on the beach from multiple people. They were competing with each other to give us the best deal. Everyone was willing to negotiate to set the best deals which kept prices extremely low.

Mexico, like the U.S.has many different places to visit and like the U.S. and they can’t all be categorized as dangerous or safe. It depends on where you go and what you do there. People just assume that every place in Mexico or foreign countries are dangerous because the news media plays off the negative. Is there some parts of Mexico that aren’t the safest? Yes, but there are also some spots of America that aren’t too safe either. We shouldn’t judge a country just because we saw or heard something bad happen there through news media or other people’s negative experiences. All countries are not perfect so you shouldn’t judge a country simply by what you hear, but by what you have experienced.


Mesquite Varsity Takes On Sachse!

The Mesquite High School Varsity Football Team took on the Sachse Mustangs on Thursday September 8th, at Hanby Stadium in a thrilling contest.

The Skeeters who came into the game on confidence with a record of 2-0 found themselves ready to compete with a Sachse team that also found itself undefeated.

As the game kicked off the Skeeters made an immediate impact by scoring within the first minute of the game. This kicked off what would be an exciting 1st quarter for the Skeeters who put 17 points on board, compared to the Mustangs 7.

The 2nd quarter was more success for the Skeeters who put up another touchdown on the scoreboard and continued to shut down the Mustangs offense.

As halftime came the game was 20-7, with the Skeeters in the lead.

The second half was a completely different game with the Mustangs putting up 21 points onto the board compared to Mesquites 6 points, which came from a Ja’Wan Edosomwan touchdown although the point after was missed.

Although the Skeeters attempted a comeback in the 4th quarter, it wasn’t enough to overcome the explosive Mustang offense who had turned on for the 2nd half.

The final score was Sachse 41, Mesquite 32.

The Skeeters face the North Mesquite Stallions this upcoming Friday, September 16th at Memorial Stadium, in an explosive rivalry game.

German Competition

On Saturday, 10 German Students competed at the Regional German Winterfest in a variety of German themed competitions. The top 3 finishers in each category advance to state competition in San Marcos onFebruary 27 – wish them luck (and thank you for your support of our jeans day that made this possible)! There were over 1000 competetors from 30+ area schools.  If you have any of these students, please congratulate them on their accomplishments.  The skit and poetry memory in particular are a TON of work for them.

Winterfest 2016 Results
Level 4 – Grimms Brothers Skit – 1st Place – Angelica Kroner, Claudia Morrow, Tyler Standard, Malik Lewis, Lukas Eudy, Dakota Breakfield, Anthony Fortoul
Best Actor in a Level 4 Skit – Dakota Breakfield (the hedgehog)
Awards by Individuals –
Anglica Kroner – 3rd place Doll Costume, 4th place Listening Comprehension
Claudia Morrow – 1st place Original Model, 3rd place Doll Costume, 4th place Watercolors
Abigail Moreno – 2nd place Research Paper
Denise Beltran – 1st place Logo, 2nd place TShirt Design
Anthony Fortoul – 2nd place Poetry Memory level 2

Circle of Death: Dread of the Orchestra World

Anxiety runs high with every orchestra concert. Students have to solidify their fingerings, make sure they know their parts, and most of all, work together. Perhaps there is no better way to test all of these things at once than Mr. Litle’s Circle of Death.

“It was something the director before me (we’ll call her Ms. G) did to test the kids,” orchestra director Blaine Litle said. “Basically its a small ensemble, one or two players from each section, and they play their music; it puts pressure since their sound is a lot more noticeable.”

The Circle of Death seeks to see which players need help by starting from the top of each section all the way down to the bottom. This is achieved by both comments by Litle and comments by fellow players.

“The main goal is to see where everyone is at and to help each other,” concert master of the Varsity orchestra Stephen Olvera said.

Although it’s a huge help to players, allowing them to see where they are compared to the rest of the ensemble, it’s not all happy faces and rainbows when a Circle of Death rolls around.

“It’s always a big surprise when a Circle of Death rolls around,” Olvera said. “A majority of the people don’t enjoy it because we walk into the room that day and realize it’s happening.”

But the ones who were truly surprised were the newest additions to the orchestra program – the freshmen.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” freshman Reina Garcia said. “I was nervous.”

However, students do admit that it helps a lot.

“It gets us to learn to play by ourselves and build confidence,” Garcia said. “I think it’s better to play in groups than to play by ourselves.”

Even more surprising, it seems that some people even get excited when Circle of Death rolls around.

“I think more people like it than they’d like to admit.” Litle said. “It’s a lot like a speech – if you’ve rehearsed you’re speech over and over and are well-prepared, you’re going to do fine. If not… you’re probably going to be pretty disappointed.”

Circle of Death won’t go away. With that being said, the orchestra program will only get better.

“If [the players] are willing to work for it, the Circle of Death works, and will fix all our problems,” Olvera said.


Mesquite takes on Horn

The Mesquite Skeeter’s varsity football team took on the Horn Jaguar’s on Thursday, Sept. 24th at Memorial Stadium in Mesquite.

The Skeeter’s came into the game considered by many to be the obvious underdogs but that did not phase the Skeeter’s who came into game flying high with confidence.

An almost electric atmosphere flowed throughout the crowd as the boys warmed up. The tension between the two teams sky-rocketed as the Skeeter’s consistently mocked the Jaguars during their warm-ups.

With emotions flowing the game kicked off and the Jaguars offense began to dominate the Skeeter’s defense with an outrageous aerial attack from quarterback Chris Robison who pounded the Skeeter’s defense with his accurate passing ability.

At the end of the 1st quarter of play the Jaguars led the Skeeter’s 14-7 with their only touchdown coming from a 92-yard return from junior Chance Fisher.

As the second half began the Jaguars didn’t slow, while on the contrary the Skeeter’s offense practically vanished from the game. The Skeeter’s struggled to put together any attacking pressure while a couple of fantastic defensive stands kept them in the game.

The Skeeter’s special team were the only opposition to what could’ve been a blow out at halftime with another incredible kick return from Fisher.

At halftime 28-14 was the score.

The third quarter of play was subtle from both teams with the only change in tempo coming from a 2-yard touchdown for junior Jawan Edosomwan off a pass from quarterback Anthony Tennison.

As the fourth quarter kicked off the Jaguars punished the Skeeter offense, especially Tennison who at times seemed to have the ball glued to his hands.

With Tennison going down to injury, the Skeeter’s put in senior Trooper Elwonger who instantaneously changed the pace of the Skeeter’s offense.

For the first time of the game the Skeeter offense began a legitimate threat to the Jaguar defense who couldn’t keep up with the arm of Elwonger.

The Skeeter’s nearly took the lead off a 9-yard pass from Elwonger to fellow senior Russell Gray, but the field goal by junior Eddie Sanchez was missed.

With the score now 27-28, the Skeeter defense made a fantastic stop to get possession back for their offense in good field position.

With the Skeeter’s coaching staff making questionable decision to put Tennison back into the game to replace Elwonger who had just produced a sharp possession, the Skeeter offense took the field hoping to put up a good drive to the endzone.

The drive in turn ended in disappointment with Tennison losing yards on four consecutive plays to turn the ball over to the Jaguars who in result kneeled the ball to end the game.

The final score 28-27 in favor of the Jaguars.