Girls Got Game

Girl Gamers

by: Elena Sanchez

What’s the best thing to do on a rainy day? Why, cuddle up with a good game, of course! Typically, guys are the ones stereotyped as adamant videogame players. Everyday, tons of guys switch on their systems, pickup their controllers, and put on their headsets-but, who’s to say that girls don’t do the same? It’s a new age, and girls are slowly but surely picking up their controllers and putting on their game face too.

According to the Gamer Girl Classifications from the TV network Lifetime, there is no one set type of  “girl gamer”. Instead, five categories separate each type.  To all the gamer girls out there, check out which type you are:

The first category, which makes up 25% gamer girls, is the “Competitor”. These girls are usually social butterflies, younger, and tend to gravitate towards the “guy games”. They love a good challenge, for instance in strategy games.  They won’t hesitate to start up a challenge, and generally speak their mind.

The second category, which makes up 16% of gamer girls, is the “Immersive” type. These ladies are similar to competitors in that they immerse themselves in their games. They tend not to be as social and play by themselves, though. Their game time is aimed to relieve anxiety. These types of gamer girls are typically single and unmarried. Their game preferences center around RPG/FPS games because it allows them to be in control.

The third category, which makes up 24% of gamer girls, is called the “Minders”. These women tend to be older and not as social. They are typically satisfied with their lives, and game for themselves. They appreciate the challenge of the casual game.

The fourth category, which makes up 19% of the gamer girls, is called the “Bonder”. These ladies aren’t immersed in their games, unlike competitors. They tend to be social butterflies, and play games that allow them to bond with their family and friends. They enjoy the fun games have to offer with others who are close to them, but won’t game for the challenge or experience. They prefer socializing with other players.

The last category, which makes up 16% of gamer girls, is called the “Dabbler”. Dabblers game to pass the time, and don’t take any particular interest in socializing or competing. They see gaming as a pastime activity, and gravitate towards the simple puzzle games and card games.

In a nutshell, there are many different kinds of gamer girls who come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, just like guy gamers. Who knows, maybe someday videogames won’t be stereotyped as a “guy thing” anymore. Well…it doesn’t hurt to dream. So, nevertheless, gamer girls: which category do you fall under?

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Spring Break On a Budget

by Chassidy Taylor

Spring break is probably one of the most popular “travel” breaks durning the school year.  The significance of the break is that it marks the end of the cold winter and the start of warmer weather. Students and teachers alike enjoy having that mini mental shut down.  It is a time to regroup and recoup.  But many of us can’t afford those luxury beach trips and out of the country extravaganzas so here is a list of fun inexpensive ideas for ways to spend your “mental” down time.

10 Things to do over Spring Break

1) Take in the arts, visit  local museums

2) Hangout with friends and family

3) Join a book club

4) Become a movie critic for a day and bring a friend

5) Go camping at a local park or recreation area

6) Become a food connoisseur and try a new restaurant every day of the week

7) Cruise the local thrift shops for new treasures

8) Take a picnic to a local park or lake

9) Visit a local day spa and treat yourself to a quite relaxing atmosphere

10) Take a road trip and visit small forgotten places off the beaten path

If these things don’t bring you the necessary sabbatical you are longing for then simply stay home, kick your feet, up and enjoy the lazy days with your favorite pass-time.






Do Not Be a Tamed Lion or Lioness

by: Douglas Ackerman lion

We’re all nearing an end to free education, almost into adulthood. We hate every waking second of it, time is flying and passing you by.

Ideas of college, SAT and ACT, FAFSA, and scholarships are being shoved into our heads. All this worry and stress we just want to quit;  just run away from all of the “Deceit”.

Live life how you want too.  One day you will be sixty years old, your parents will be gone and you will be siting back thinking “Did I do what I wanted to do?”.

We all get the first 22 years of our life being youthful. Savor the time you get. There isn’t much of it to be enjoyed.

When I walk in the halls of our school, people are so pesimistic about nearly everything. I hear time and time again, like an echo…“Life is out to get me.” Life is not out to get you,  take charge of your life, get up and make something of yourself.

So you want to be an environmentalist, an author, a plumber, a teacher, an archaeologist, a neurosurgeon, or even a movie star… do the work and get it done.

Do not second best your life to make your parents or grandparents happy. One day they will be gone, your happiness is very important. They will come to know that what you decide is best for you. They give you a plan so you would not fail, in fear and faith; trying to help. Accept their care for you, but make the decision of your deepest desire, within reason, for YOU. Nothing unlawful of course. The keys of ivory are playing a sweet melody, begging you to fight for your dreams. Is life not about “Going big or going home.” “Put up or shut up”.

 “How many years have passed me by,  Since I’ve stopped to take a look at all the changes in my life?  So many friends have come and gone.  But all those summer nights still burn inside my lungs.”

-Cobwebs by Motionless In White.

How your life starts is something you should be selfish with;  perfection is a frail disguise by the media. Doing what someone else wants you to do, that is living your life through their missed opportunites or broken dreams,… it is your turn to expierence, your life,  it is YOUR time. Is that what you would want? To live in the same footsteps of another?

The pressure is getting stronger, the pain is lasting longer. Surprise after suprise, no antidote to the demise. Seems all is hopeless. Do not forget the traditional American value, with hard work comes success. Determination pays. So NEVER give in.


Hello…..Moe’Skeeter here…welcome to the NEW Swarm newspaper.

I would like to invite you to an interactive part of our newspaper.  This is where questions can be asked, and concerns can be discussed.  However, I must inform you that by no means am I qualified to give you legal or medical advice, I am only here as an ear and a shoulder, and when possible I will give you good sound advice, but what you do with it is totally your choice.

My column  is strictly for entertainment purposes.

So if your friends won’t tell you ” those pants make your backside look big”, or “those green pumps don’t go with that purple dress”, or “how to organize your over stuffed closet on a dime” or cool tips on how to create a study group and make all your teachers see the budding student you have become, then give me a shout…I will be glad to help you out and even give you a few extra pointers here and there.

See you in the “funny” pages.

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Loss but not Defeated

Story by Bianca Avila and Jasmine Vasquez

Basketball is not only a game of skill and teamwork but at Mesquite High School it is a way of life for some players. The most important game of the season is the game played against Horn High.  The MHS basketball team went into this intense basketball game with a record of 10-1, trying to make it a record of 11-1.

With all the anxiety that goes into preparing for such a game the Swarm Press wanted to get a personal perspective on what some of the players feel before stepping onto the court for such an event.

During an interview with several players before the big game the positive “winning” attitudes were bouncing freely yet guarded with confidence.  When asked how they felt about the upcoming game, one player, Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins said, “I know we are going to get the win.”  He was not the only one that was positively confident in his team.  When asked the same question   Alex Cooper said, “I’m ready.  It is a big game and we want the win.”

Almost every team member had their mind set on the big win, losing wasn’t an option.  Devin Keyes was also asked how he felt about the upcoming game and he said, “I’m really excited and ready to go out and get the win.”

There was no question about it, the team knew what they wanted, they wanted the big [W] win. For most of the boys on the team it is their senior year and they want to bounce out with a bang and leave a memorable slam dunk against Horn.

Javante Wilson, a current player for MHS said, “I just feel hyped that it’s senior night and we play Horn, so we have to win.” Mesquite started the game on top and continued to carry the lead throughout the game, until the 4th quarter.  They leaped into this quarter with a 13 point advantage; Mesquite 36 – Horn 23, read the scoreboard; then momentum shifted, and everything went flying off the rim.  Too many missed opportunities to seal the victory.  It seemed as if the teams confidence and “winning” attitude walked off the court, but not without a fight.  The buzzer sounded with a final score of Horn 47 to Mesquite 46.

The team put in every ounce of effort to bring home the win but effort and confidence don’t always bring victory.  Higgins and the rest put in their all to bring the team to victory.  When asked after the loss how he felt, Higgins said, “I was very upset.  I know we shouldn’t have lost.”  All the boys were ready to go out with a win and this loss was very upsetting to the whole team. But in the words of Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins…”you have to go hard or go home, it’s playoff time now, so we have to overlook the loss and prepare for the next go round.”

Although the Mesquite vs. Horn game is one of the most important games to this team, attitude and confidence will not be lost in the defeat, for this team truly understands that with positive attitudes, unyielding confidence, and skill they are still winners. And you can count on them to carry this to that next go around against South Garland High at Lake Highlands for the playoffs.




The Mortal Instrument Series

City of Bones 

City of Bones


City of Bones by Cassandra Clair doesn’t disappoint! Enter the world of Shadowhunters through Clarissa Fray’s eyes, where demons, which hadn’t existed before, suddenly make themselves known and love unfolds in a forbidden way.

The story begins in New York where ordinary Clary thinks her life is normal and loves it the way it is…. that is, until she meets Jace and enters the world of Shadowhunters and demons and anything else that didn’t use to exist.

Clary’s “normal” life turns upside down when her mom falls into a sleep she can’t wake up from; she starts having feelings for Jace that she shouldn’t have because of a terrible secret she wasn’t supposed to know, and creatures and demons that were just fairy tales and nightmares are now real and she finds herself coming face to face with them.

What will Clary do when questions she didn’t want to have to ask don’t even have any sort of answer? Or how about how she should save her mom and get rid of these confusing feelings that seem to be a roller coaster ride everyday?

The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones series delivers romance, adventure, and page turning details about a world of its own. Cassandra Clair reaches out to an audience of all ages, and truly captures the true meaning of love and adventure. Impossible to put down!

Courtesy of Breanna Croxton


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Caster Chronicles

UnknownBeautiful Creatures

Authors Kaml Garcia and Margaret Stohl combine mystery with romance in the novel Beautiful Creatures. The main character, Ethan Wate has been having this re-occurring dream of a girl. He doesn’t know who she is and he would have thought it all to be his imagination if not for the dirt under his nails and the scratches on the backs of his hands, which he finds when he wakes up.

Soon he finds out that this “dream” girl, named Lena is very real and that she is nothing he expected. Lena is known as a Caster, a person who can use magic and if he doesn’t find a way to save her, she could be claimed for the dark, which is the last thing he wants.

Beautiful Creatures is the first book in the series of four books known as the Caster Chronicles.  Garcia and Stohl mesmerize and entice the reader in this spell-casting saga of good verses evil.

Ironically, in the first book, Ethan hears a repetitive song called Sixteen Moons, which Lena plays on the violin.  This song predicts Lena’s destiny, which is unfolded in more depth in book two called Beautiful Darkness.

The rest of the series is spell binding and will keep the average reader spell bound until the last turn of the page.

The first book in the series was released in theaters February 13, 2013.  If the movie producers can cast the magic from the pages to the screen without losing the depth of the plot then it is sure to be a box office hit as is the book.

Courtesy of Vanna Watson



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MAMA is a domestic thriller from executive producer, Guillermo del Toro. Starring Isabelle Nelisse as Lilly, Jessica Chastain as Annabel, Megan Charpentier as Victoria, and Nikolaj Costewaldau as Lucas.

The plot is about a young couple, Annabel and Lucas, who are faced with the challenge of raising his young nieces that were left alone in the forest for 5 years. As they move back to civilization they bring a dark secret into their home, but when a series of ominous events occur Lucas and Annabel suspect that Victoria and Lilly share ties to an evil beyond human comprehension. The couple must figure out what to do before it’s too late again.

This movie is sure to get a few screams even out of the unnerved horror moviegoer with its terrifying unexpected pop up scenes. The movie is entertaining to watch and the ending remains a mystery throughout the entire movie. It seems Guillermo del Toro does a good job at setting up another horror classic film.

Snapshot: A horror film about two young girls stranded in the wilderness who “survived” on their own for 5 years… but how alone were they?

What works: it’s a good old-fashioned sit-around-the-campfire ghost story. One that delivers on its sole reason for existence to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

What doesn’t: Relies mainly on jolts for its scares for the entire first half of the movie.

Rating: PG-13, for violence and terror and some disturbing images and thematic elements.

In my opinion, I rate this movie 3 *** stars out of 5.

By Ruth Andrade

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Skeeter Battalion


Story courtesy  of Eric Lewis ROTC-PR.

The start of 2013 brought 96 new Leadership Education and Training Cadets (LET 1) to the Skeeter Battalion.  At the 2012-2013 Freshmen Indoctrination Senior Cadet Leadership Camp we taught 19 cadets how to march, wear the military uniform, and they were drilled on in-rank inspection questions and answers. In addition each cadet received one-on-one consultations on Mesquite High School (MHS) campus life and expectations as a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) cadet.

The camp was four days long, and if the cadet successfully completed the entire training he or she received his or her “Skeeter Wings” and was promoted to the rank of Private (PVT).  The fifteen  cadets that attended the camp successfully completed the training and received their wings; the rank of Private (PVT).

On October, 27th, MHS JROTC held their annual March-A-Thom/Family Event Day.  This event is one where cadets along with their families come out and march, play games, and have fun.  The march is a fundraiser for the USO and the MHS JROTC.  The turn out was exceptional with many of the cadets and their families in attendance and the fundraiser went without a hitch.

For cadets the month of November is the busiest.  The two main events that are most observed is Veterans Day and the Annual Culture Feast. The battalion participates annually in the city of Dallas Veteran’s Day parade.   The Annual Culture Feast,  where approximately one hundred families come together to give thanks under one roof, is an enjoyable event filled with lots of fun, fellowship, and laughter.   The feast consists of different cultural cuisines and culinary diversities within our Skeeter Battalion.

December brings even more exciting events.  On December 8th, the MHS JROTC Rough Riders and their Teddy Bear mascot departed for Kerrville Texas at 2:00 p.m. to compete in the United States Army JROTC 5th Brigade and The Texas State Rifle Match Championship.   MHS JROTC’s very own rifle team of 18 cadets competed against 273 cadets, and approximately 60 teams from all branches of the United States JROTC programs , whom traveled from all over to participate in this championship.

The MHS JROTC Rough Riders rifle team were awarded with the following awards: 1st place for The State Army JROTC Precision Category, 1st place in Texas Overall Army State Championship, the Texas State Governors Cup and the State Overall Governors Cup, and they    were recognized as the Overall Service Branch 1st place Match Champions, these are among only a few of the top awards they received.  Other awards were first place trophies and medals in several various categories.

In January, Lientenant Colonel Jerry Jochum, at Poteet High School, the former Senior Army Instructor,  was newly assigned as the Mesquite Independent School District (MISD) Director of Army Instructions (DIA).  One of his assignments in his new position will be inspecting the Skeeter Battalion Cadets on leadership, operations, administration, training and supply.

The month of February has brought the Regional Formal Inspection which was held on the 6th. March will bring even more exciting events.  The Military Ball, which is an extravagant formal dance is just one of the many things still to come.  This year has brought new cadets along with exciting awards and events, and we expect more to come as the year whines down.


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The Swarm Press Adds Twitter Account

The Swarm Press adds Twitter account!!!


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We are happy to announce that we have added our twitter feed to our website, we encourage you to follow us on twitter and facebook, and we welcome all feedback.




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