Skeeters Varsity Football battle the Raiders!

The Mesquite Skeeter Varsity boys football team took on the Tyler Lee Raiders in Friday nights game at Hanby Stadium in a thrilling game.

The Skeeters game into the game looking to change their luck after a narrow loss to John Tyler in last Fridays game.

As the game began the Skeeters dominated the 1st quarter putting up 14 points on the board and only allowing Lee to get 1 touchdown on the board.

The 2nd quarter was much more dynamic with the Skeeters putting up another 14 points on the board and Tyler Lee battling back and adding 21 points of their own.

As halftime came the score was Mesquite 28, Tyler Lee 28.

Tyler Lee took a more dominate stance in the game during the 3rd quarter by putting 14 points up and only allowing the Skeeters to add one touchdown to their effort.

The 4th quarter was thrilling, with both teams adding 14 points onto the board leaving the game 56-49 with Tyler Lee in the lead and 1 minute 34 seconds left on the clock. As the Skeeters took what would most likely be their last possession Quarterback, Anthony Tennison, was prepared to lead his team on one final drive.

With a spectacular catch from Running Back, Chance Fisher the Skeeters were on the 4 yard line with 36 seconds left on the clock. With one tough push, Fisher was into the endzone and the Skeeters had the decision to kick the tying field goal or go for the instant win by going for two.

Mesquite decided to put their chances in fate and go for the instant win on a handoff to Fisher who pounded into the endzone for the two-point conversion.

The game ended Mesquite 57, Tyler Lee 56.

The Skeeters face Rockwall-Heath High School in Heath this Friday at 7:30.

We Are Maroon!

Skeeters Fall To The Lions!

The Mesquite Skeeters Varsity Football team took on the John Tyler Lions in last Friday’s game in Tyler.

The Skeeters came into the game low on confidence after a defeat to the John Horn Jaguars.

As the game began the Skeeters and Lions went back and forth, each team having their chances and opportunities on offense and also when defending. The Skeeters were able to put 7 points on the board first but John Tyler followed shortly after, tying the game up 7-7.

As the 2nd quarter began, John Tyler was shut out by the Skeeters defense and were unable to score. Mesquites offense was able to capitalize on this and put another touchdown on the board, taking the lead 14-7.

The 3rd quarter kicked off and John Tyler came out swinging, putting up one touchdown and two field goals in the quarter and taking the lead 20-14 and carrying this lead into the 4th quarter.

The 4th quarter was shut out for both sides, with neither team being able to put any points on the board.

The Skeeters have a bye this week and do not play again until homecoming week against Tyler Lee at Hanby Stadium.

Skeeter Football Falls To Horn

The Mesquite Skeeters Varsity Football team took on the John Horn Jaguars at Memorial Stadium on Friday, September 23rd.

The Skeeters came into the game 2-2 after a heartbreaking loss to rivals North Mesquite, and were looking to pick themselves up and move forward with a victory.

The game began swiftly for the Skeeters with an immediate touchdown. The Jaguars responded nearly as quick putting up a touchdown of their own and tying the game 7-7.

The Jaguars came into the 2nd quarter on fire putting up 21 points compared to the Skeeters 10 points in response.

As halftime came and went it was Horns game 28-17.

The 2nd half began and Horn once again was dominate, putting up 14 points in the 3rd quarter and shutting down the Skeeters offense completely.

This ended up being the dagger into the Skeeters confidence, with them only being allowed to score one touchdown in the 4th quarter.

The game ended with Horn being victorious 49-24.

The Skeeters take on the John Tyler Lions on Friday, September 30th at John Tyler.

Stranger Things

Recently, the state of affairs in these United States has taken a strange downturn. Races are crying out so that their voices may be heard; women still feel under-appreciated at home and in the workplace; voters find themselves divided among the lesser of two evils in the primary party representatives. Indeed these are strange times, and everyone seems to be entrapped in one or more of these conflicts.

Everyone older than the age of twenty-one, that is.

If we look at any high school in these United States, it would be taxing to find any student student knowing more about the 2016 presidential elections than media-fed responses such as “Donald Trump hates Mexicans,” or “Hillary is a liar.” It would be equally as hard to look at these students’ Twitters, Facebook, Instagrams or any social media platform where they haven’t put in their two-cents into the social maelstrom of #BLM and @CollinKappernick.

At first glance, it’s easy to say that the youth are just trying to get their voice out there – that perhaps they simply wish to voice their opinions to their peers and see something get done. But there lies the problem. Students simply wish to see something get done, not to get something done.

As a student, I find it increasingly disheartening to watch oh-so-many of my fellow alumni falling into the trap of generic statements on social outlets, yet when I pass by them in the hallways, they speak of nothing but the latest in-house gossip. I find it strange when some misinformed student stands in the midst of class and regurgitates the same facts and same commentary as CNN reporters or FOX reporters or the brain-vomit of any extremist on the internet.

If we are indeed the generation with the most access to knowledge, if we are indeed receiving the best public schooling there is to offer, why can only a select few individuals display the traits befitting of this fact? Why are we still letting students freely drop out of high school at the age of 16, when no job will take them seriously without at least a GED? Strangely, no one associates any of this with the current state of affairs.

To be honest (or tbh, to those who are text savvy), maybe the precipitate of this isn’t wholly the fault of the students themselves. Perhaps the burden befalls the entire generation as a whole. As long as I can remember, there has always been a mold that was pre-determined for us children of the 21st century. Parents reward anything that takes more than a micro-neuron of brainpower. Teachers congratulate students who think four times four is eight because they “at least tried.”

The age for “at least trying” is over in my opinion. The world is spiraling out of control faster than we would like to think. The ones to decide the fate of the world will be us. Be it Hillary or Trump : blue or red, they will be our president. Then four years from now, it will befall on our shoulders to decide if they shall return. The racial tension does not end at the riot shields, it ends when we say enough is enough. When people decide to stop hashtagging, and start going out and pursuing a difference – not from the comfort of the bed or the desk, but out in the real, unbridled, and tough world.

Mesquite Varsity Football Takes On The Stallions!

The Mesquite Skeeter Varsity football team took on the North Mesquite Stallions on Friday, September 16th,  at Memorial Stadium in an intense rivalry match up.

The Skeeters came into the game with high energy and were excited to take on their cross-city rivals.

The game began with the Skeeters once again putting up a fantastic 1st quarter, putting up 10 points on the board while shutting the Stallion offense down. The Skeeters continued their high attacking offense in the 2nd quarter by putting up another touchdown. Although on the defensive side of the ball the Skeeters weren’t as successful allowing the Stallions to put two touchdowns on the board.

As halftime came around the Skeeters led the Stallions 17-14.

The Stallions shut out the Skeeters in the 3rd putting up 14 more points on the board and keeping the Skeeters shutout.

The 4th quarter was an exciting one, with the Skeeters attempting to battle back from a 17-28 deficit. The Skeeter put up a touchdown with Junior receiver, Carlos Aguilar, taking the ball into the endzone. After completing the 2-point conversion the score was now 25-28, with the Stallions holding onto a slight lead.

The score would remain the same during the final 2 minutes of the game to have North Mesquite winning the game 25-28.

The Skeeters take on the Horn Jaguars this coming Friday, September 23, at Memorial Stadium.

Come out and support our boys as they attempt to get that win and become 1-1 in district play!

20 Useless Facts You Don’t Need To Know But Will Probably Read Anyways

  1. The electric chair was created by a dentist so this useless fact sure does bring a whole new fear attending the dentist. As if going to the dentist wasn’t scary enough!
  2. Find bugs and creepy crawlies absolutely disturbing? Well I think you’d like to know that nearly 80% of all animals on earth have six legs! Gross!
  3. Looking for a way to lose weight but you’re too lazy? Well you actually burn more calories than watching TV.
  4. Are you a Coca-Cola drinker? Well just know that it was originally green!
  5. Do you think that your name is common and a generic name that a lot of people have? Well the most common name in the world is actually Mohammed.
  6. It takes about 142 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop if anyone was actually wondering. The owl lied.
  7. A snail can sleep for three years. Talk about life goals.
  8. Only 2% of the Earth’s population has natural green eyes.
  9. Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents
  10. What is the color of a polar bears fur? Well if your answer is white then you’re wrong! Their fur is actually transparent!
  11. An ant’s sense of smell is stronger than a dog’s.
  12. Taking a quick nap after learning can help strengthen your memory. Bring nap time to high school!
  13. Caterpillars have about four thousand muscles. Do YOU even lift bro?
  14. The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. #fleeky
  15. You can start a fire with ice
  16. The name for the space between your eyebrows is “nasion”.
  17. The only lizard that has a voice is a the gecko. No wonder they chose one of those to represent Geico.
  18. You have approximately 9000 taste buds on your tongue.
  19. Forty is the only number in alphabetical order.
  20. Fish CAN actually drown!

Different Views on Mexico

Most people who have never been to Mexico, think it can be a dangerous place. But people who grew up in Mexico or are actually from there call it home. So, is Mexico is dangerous or safe? This summer, I had the opportunity to take a cruise to Cozumel and Progresso, Mexico. Believe me when I tell you they are two totally different places even though they aren’t that far apart.

Cozumel is more of a tourist attraction and I felt completely safe.  There are tons of resorts with lots of activities and all for different prices. The staff, which are native to the country, always made sure we were comfortable and asked if we needed anything drink or eat. They beaches are white sand and you can walk out or swim to 15 feet deep and still see straight to the bottom, the water is crystal clear. There is a pier where you can buy anything you think of or have a spa day if you want one. Everything is very clean and nice. There’s just so much to do in Cozumel that it’s hard to squeeze everything in just a couple hours before the cruise leaves.

Progresso was mainly shops and they would chase you down to buy that one necklace you were looking at and keep lowering the price. I wouldn’t say I was scared I was probably more sad because there was a lot more less fortunate people, and they tried so hard to get you to buy something and you could tell that they needed it. It is definitely not like Cozumel where if you said no then they just left you alone (for the most part). Progresso had multiple of the same merchandize in all of the vender shops. I think me and my family were stopped at least 5 times to get a massage on the beach from multiple people. They were competing with each other to give us the best deal. Everyone was willing to negotiate to set the best deals which kept prices extremely low.

Mexico, like the U.S.has many different places to visit and like the U.S. and they can’t all be categorized as dangerous or safe. It depends on where you go and what you do there. People just assume that every place in Mexico or foreign countries are dangerous because the news media plays off the negative. Is there some parts of Mexico that aren’t the safest? Yes, but there are also some spots of America that aren’t too safe either. We shouldn’t judge a country just because we saw or heard something bad happen there through news media or other people’s negative experiences. All countries are not perfect so you shouldn’t judge a country simply by what you hear, but by what you have experienced.



We all have thoughts that overcome our minds, we all lose ourselves in the events that plague our brains, you see me like this, I see myself like that,  our realities are different yet the same.

How could you ever understand me when I can’t understand myself? How could you ever find the answers you need when you don’t even know the questions being asked?

All the noise, all the yelling, all the voices,

Just listen.

Looking at any situation in one specific direction can cause you to see it totally different than another person in the same situation.

Looking at any situation in one specific direction can cause you to see it totally different than another person in the same situation.


While taking the time to understand and see a situation from another perspective can help one understand another's situation.

While taking the time to understand and see a situation from another perspective can help one understand another’s situation.

Mesquite Varsity Takes On Sachse!

The Mesquite High School Varsity Football Team took on the Sachse Mustangs on Thursday September 8th, at Hanby Stadium in a thrilling contest.

The Skeeters who came into the game on confidence with a record of 2-0 found themselves ready to compete with a Sachse team that also found itself undefeated.

As the game kicked off the Skeeters made an immediate impact by scoring within the first minute of the game. This kicked off what would be an exciting 1st quarter for the Skeeters who put 17 points on board, compared to the Mustangs 7.

The 2nd quarter was more success for the Skeeters who put up another touchdown on the scoreboard and continued to shut down the Mustangs offense.

As halftime came the game was 20-7, with the Skeeters in the lead.

The second half was a completely different game with the Mustangs putting up 21 points onto the board compared to Mesquites 6 points, which came from a Ja’Wan Edosomwan touchdown although the point after was missed.

Although the Skeeters attempted a comeback in the 4th quarter, it wasn’t enough to overcome the explosive Mustang offense who had turned on for the 2nd half.

The final score was Sachse 41, Mesquite 32.

The Skeeters face the North Mesquite Stallions this upcoming Friday, September 16th at Memorial Stadium, in an explosive rivalry game.

Young Love

The following is a verbal explanation of the painting above:

I feel like you’ve forgotten me,
thrown away all of our memories,
given up on me at least anyways,

I don’t know what exactly caused this,
nor will I ever be able to be fine with this,
but I see now that there’s no hope for changing your mind on this,

I promised myself to leave in order to ease your pain,
I’d man up and take all the blame,
but for some reason I can’t seem to escape your complain,
surely baby you can see that was never on my brain,

I’m here now 30,000 feet above the world,
all that’s on my mind is my heart, my love, my girl,
couldn’t you see that all I really wanted was you and me,
no pain, no hurt, no suffering,

it was all too soon for my heart to heal,
the dagger that I felt- you would’ve thought it would kill,
but I pulled it out, stopped the bleeding and smiled back,
just so you knew that my heart towards you could never turn black,

baby ill always love you,
for you my heart will always beat,
even now when I think of your smile it takes me off my feet,

I hope he makes you as happy as you made me,
I hope he gives you the hope that one day everything will all be okay,
I hope he’s the smile when everything around you seems grey,
baby i hope he can be me again one day,

but for now all I wish is that your heart blooms endlessly,
as from 30,000 feet I stare at the sea,
baby your love was like a puzzle that seemed such a mystery,
each day without it- I lose apart of me,

I turn further into the monster I pretend to be,
because to hide the pain I need to cleanse the history,
I need some sort of relief from the drug that is you,
because it seems to me now that I’ve overdosed over the lack of you,

save me save me,
baby please save me,
I can’t do it anymore,
I’m screaming out in agony,
I can’t handle what’s now become,
because I never expected to lose in the way that I have done,

you were my number one party anthem,
My rays of the sun,
my relief from the nightmares,
baby you were my only one,

I would never have hurt you,
I would never have run,
it was me and you against the world,
you and I together as one,

but you’re gone now,
it’s okay,
I wish you the best,
because maybe you were the best and I would never say you weren’t better than the rest,

more than a lover,
like the strongest cover,
patched up a broken man,
showed him love like no other,

thank you for putting me back together,
thank you for helping me up,
thank you for showing me that there was such thing as luck,

3 am convos brought us together,
3 am convos tore us apart,
you were my 3 am convo when the whole world was dark,

you saved me from myself,
you saved me from the pills on the shelf,
you saved me from the razor that I so often felt the pain itself,

you were my guardian angel,
but all angels must return,
but don’t worry because I’ll never forget all the things you’ve helped me learn,

thanks again darlin,
for all that you did,
I just hope that you know when I wrote this,
it was all for you and no it wasn’t just because we were just kids.

The artist describes their view on the rollercoaster that is balancing the stresses of school work, social lives, and the ever confusing puzzle that is- Young Love.

By using a mixture of warm reds and cold blues, the artist allows the viewer to understand that opposites can not only attract but thrive and desire each other.

The angle in which the hands are displayed also shows portrays a person letting go off another person that is now falling. This explains how even though the heart may want to continue to hold on to a dream or person, sometimes it’s inevitable that a person must let go.