Soccer’s Angel of Death


Since the year 2010, 29 Professional Soccer players have died on the field or shortly after their match.

These men were in the best shape of their lives and nearly all of them were under the age of 25. Many of them had perfect health records and had passed the required medical checkups needed to play European Football. In fact, many of these players were considered to be the most fit athletes on their respected teams.

Former professional footballer for the Bolton Wanderers, Fabrice Muamba, suffered massive cardiac arrest during a televised match against Tottenham Hotspur on March 17, 2012. He was unresponsive and went without a heartbeat for 78 minutes after his initial collapse. Even though he received multiple defibrillator burst on the field and on the way to the hospital, he remained unresponsive until he reached the hospital. Luckily for Muamba, he regained awareness of his surroundings later that day and within 19 hours was removed from critical condition to serious and eventually to stable condition.

Muamba was forced to retire due to this injury, and is now apart of the coaching staff of the English club Liverpool. He still struggles with occasional heart problems even though before his injury he had no previous signs nor symptoms of heart related issues.

For many players around the world a land mine is waiting around the corner, these heart problems which are usually not seen until it is too late are waiting to take the careers or even the lives of young men and women around the footballing community.

Former soccer player Zachary Herold is an example of a player who’s career was taken before its time. Herold, who was one of the top picks in the 2010 MLS Super Draft, retired from professional soccer before he was even able to play his first professional match.

Herold was found by the medical staff of his former club, Toronto F.C., to have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCD as it is commonly referred to. HCD increases the chance of causing a player to acquire a fatal heart rhythm during physical activity which if not treated or discovered fast enough can lead to death.

Herold, who was 17 years old when he retired, had the opportunity to end his own career before he was medically forced to or even worse was killed by his greatest passion but what happens to the players who do not realize that they have a problem? How many players have to pass away before awareness of disorders such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy and sudden cardiac death is brought to the forefront of the soccer community?

Teams around the world such as Real Madrid, Manchester United and the L.A. Galaxy all use wireless heart-rate monitors during training sessions and other forms of practice in order to see in real time the reaction of the player’s heart to the exercise they’re undergoing. These machines are used to read when the heart rate is too high and too low and also to discover heart beat deformities so the training staff can assure the players safety.

These machines may keep players safe during a short period of time but in the long run when players are playing the upwards of 35 games a season and training 4-5 days a week how can teams prevent certain fatal issues from getting through the cracks?

Many people urge football associations to force teams the give bi-weekly or even weekly cardio screenings, including a electrocardiogram to assure players are safe.

These scanning’s would give players and teams the opportunity they need to take a deeper look into the healthiness of the athlete. The electrocardiogram would assure players a firm and reliable reading of the heart health and also help as a prevention for on field heart related injuries and deaths.

How many player’s must pass away before the football community stands up and make a change?


TSA Results

Over the weekend of  April 11,  TSA competed in the 2015 TSA State competition.

The results are as follows:

Laura Perez                             Biotechnology Design – 1st Place National Qualifier
Phu Thai                                  Biotechnology Design – 1st Place National Qualifier
Marc Hinojosa                        Biotechnology Design – 1st Place National Qualifier
Luis Vielma                             Biotechnology Design – 1st Place National Qualifier
Kevin Sanchez                         Biotechnology Design – 1st Place National Qualifier
Ian Velazques                           On Demand Video – 1st Place National Qualifier
Savannah Diebold                     On Demand Video – 1st Place National Qualifier
Abraham Zavalla                    On Demand Video – 1st Place National Qualifier
Frankie Escobedo                   On Demand Video – 1st Place National Qualifier
Matthew Stell                         Extemporaneous Speech – 2nd Place National Qualifier
Jacob Jones                             CNC Production–3rd Place National Qualifier
Amanda Jerez                         CNC Production– 3rd Place National Qualifier
Evin George                            Extemporaneous Speech – 4th Place National Alternate
Cerin Tomson                          Chapter Team – 4th Place National Alternate
Evin George                            Chapter Team – 4th Place National Alternate
Phu Thai                                  Chapter Team – 4th Place National Alternate
Dele Faulkner                          Chapter Team – 4th Place National Alternate
Julian Gonzales                       Chapter Team – 4th Place National Alternate
Asher George                          Chapter Team – 4th Place National Alternate
Montes Dawson                      Manufacturing Prototype – 5th Place
Angel Jimenez                         Manufacturing Prototype – 5th Place
Kevin Sanchez                         Manufacturing Prototype – 5th Place
Marisol Broussard                  Promotional Graphic – 5th Place
Evin George                            Prepared Presentation – 5th Place

Skeeter’s Varsity Soccer take on Berkner Rams.

Mesquite Varsity Soccer played on Tuesday March 3, 2015 against the Berkner Rams.

Mesquite, playing their 10th game this season, came out the victor 2-0 against the Rams. Defender, Saul Para, put the Skeeters on the board by scoring early in the match. Para headed in a cross from Winger, Trevor Debase, making the score 1-0. Within 10 minutes of the first goal, Brandon Avalos, a Mesquite forward put in the second goal of the match now making the score 2-0.

Berkner’s forwards launched multiple attacks on the Skeeter’s defense. With Skeeter goalkeeper Alex Ibarra having to make multiple close saves. The Rams attacks were pointless with the Skeeter’s defense holding firm.

The Skeeter’s were victorious, winning 2-0.

Skeeter’s Stomp Jesuit

IMG_0414On Thursday, March 26, 2014 the Mesquite Skeeter’s boys soccer team took on the Jesuit Rangers in the Skeeter’s first playoff game in 6 years.

The Skeeter’s who came into the game full of excitement and anticipation started off the game by dominating possession. The Skeeter’s put shot after shot on target, forcing the Ranger’s keeper to make many challenging saves but the Skeeter’s were unable to put anything in. The first half ended, 0-0 with the Skeeter’s dominating the game so far.

As the second half kicked off the Skeeter’s didn’t let up, continuing the challenge the Ranger’s back line with sharp runs and shots on goal. The Skeeter’s back line held firm as well, stopping any of the Ranger’s attacks before they could begin. With less than a minute left in regulation the Rangers launched an attack on the Skeeter net, moving up everyone in a last second offensive. As the attack took pace, Skeeter Goalkeeper Alexis Ibarra stood firm to stop the shot from distance. With this shot the game drew to the end of regulation, the score 0-0.

The game now moving to extra time.

The Ranger’s dominated the first half of extra time, launching attack on attack towards the Skeeter net. With 3 minutes to go in the first half of extra time the Ranger’s found the back of a net on a goal that was called back shortly after due to offsides and a foul on Skeeter defender, Jesus Gaytan. This challenge on Gaytan left him having to come out of the game to receive treatment. As the first half of extra time came to a close, the score remained 0-0.

As the second half of extra time began both teams found it hard to maintain possession, constantly losing the ball due to the exhaustion that had fallen over both sides players. The Skeeter’s maintain a slight advantage due to their defensive strength, as they were able to hold off the speedy attacks of Jesuit’s wingers. Both the Skeeter’s and Ranger’s attacks were unavailing as neither team was able to put the ball into the net. As the final whistle rang the score remand 0-0, sending the match into penalty kicks.

Skeeter’s Hernesto Mendoza, Christian Aleman, Saul Para and Geovanni Rayas put in the Skeeter’s first four penalty kicks, with Skeeter keeper Alexis Ibarra stopping the Ranger’s fourth penalty to give the Skeeter’s the advantage. With the game in his hands Mesquite defender, Austin “Caillou” Cuevas stepped to take the Skeeter’s fifth penalty kick. With his penalty being the deciding factor, Cuevas stood strong and put the ball into the back of the net.

Giving the Skeeter’s the victory in Penalty kicks, 5-4.

With this victory the Skeeter’s advance to the second round of the playoffs.

Sports Report: Boys Track

The Mesquite High School Boys Track team traveled to Richardson on Friday for the Richardson Relays.
The team finished second overall with some outstanding individual performances.  Please congratulate these young men on their accomplishments.

JV 4 x 100             3rd     Monterrik Shannon, JD Singleton, Cole George, Robert Presley
JV 4 x 200            3rd     Cameron Garner, James Brown, Jordan Alexander, Xavier Gray
JV 1600 Meter    3rd    Logan Diebold
Discus                    4th     Matthew Chaffin
Shot Put                 2nd     Matthew Chaffin
Shot Put                 3rd     Marshall Spraglin
Pole Vault              1st     Esteban Urena
3200 Meter           1st     Eric Villagrana
3200 Meter           2nd    Celso  Ramirez
Varsity 4 x 100     3rd     Martin Njoku, RD Young, Samaj Hunter, Roderick Brown
Varsity 4 x 200     1st     Martin Njoku, Semaj Hunter, Rokedrick Allen, Cole George
300 Hurdles         4th     Carlos Aguilar
1600 Meter Run  1st      Raul Sanchez
4 x 400                  4th     Russell Gray, Rokedrick Allen, Jamazai Williamson, Joel Fane

Shattered trust

By Chandler Claxton

Growing up, I always valued the truth, no matter how brutal it was. The truth is what first attracted me to journalism. The profession survives on the credibility and accuracy of media outlets and their reporters. Without the audience’s trust, news stories hold no water and the primary purpose of the news business is lost.

The integrity of Journalists and the profession itself are yet again under fire. The latest incident stems from “NBC’s Nightly News” anchor, Brian Williams, who has been suspended without pay for six months as of Feb. 10 due to an ongoing investigation into his continued exaggeration of an incident he reported in Iraq in 2003.

Williams and NBC have been telling the story differently from their original reporting since 2003.

The most recent inconsistency in his report went public at a Jan. 30 New York Rangers game. There, Williams paid tribute to retired soldier Sgt. Maj. Tim Terpak, claiming Terpak protected Williams and his camera crew after their helicopter was shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. But Williams is not alone.

Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair, Judith Miller and a number of others all fabricated or plagiarized stories during their careers and damaged the integrity of their fellow journalists.

Glass made up as many as half of his stories for The New Republic. Blair, an up-and-coming writer for The New York Times, was found to be a serial plagiarizer. Miller of the New York Times Washington bureau was involved in controversy after her coverage of Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction program was debunked.

Because of their actions, these journalists have no accountability with the public and are no asset to any media outlet.

So what does this mean for future journalists like myself?

I respect journalism so, it is hard to take it lightly when a highly respected journalist, especially one who has won a Pulitzer Prize such as Williams, embellishes a story. The first thing any aspiring journalist learns about is ethics and the great importance of honesty.

The Society of Professional Journalists has gathered a list of ethics journalists should follow. It argues that ethical journalism should be fair and balanced.

Journalists should never plagiarize and always take responsibility for the accuracy of their reporting. Fraud should never be justified.

It is never acceptable for a journalist to disregard the relationship he has with his audience by reporting anything other than the facts. When journalists disrespect their audience, they should immediately be sidelined.

If a reporter fabricates a story, the public should be outraged. When reading a news story or watching a news segment, the reader places their trust in the reporter to tell the truth. This relationship puts a tremendous amount of responsibility on a journalist. If they cannot perform their job appropriately, they should step aside for a more ethical journalist.

In the wake of Brian Williams’ falsehoods, journalists now have to be more careful than ever about not only what they report, but what they say away from the news desk. It is vital that journalists are clear and precise in reporting and retain the audience’s trust.

Danger or Defense

A notable law debate has become heavily discussed across the nation. More and more states are passing a law allowing educators to bring guns to schools and into the classrooms. There are currently around 20 states that have officially passed this law, and lot of controversy has up-roared over this decision.

While agreeing that keeping schools a safe environment should be a priority, there’s no certainty that we’ll be doing so by allowing teachers to carry firearms on campus. If anything we would be putting more people in danger.

All in favor of passing this law believe that with this proposal teachers will be able to prevent school violence and make the school a safer place for both the instructors and students. They would feel protected knowing that they could defend themselves when needed.

This proposal isn’t necessary because the schools have School Resource Officers that are there to protect the people of the school. It is their place to be enforcing safety and regulation; no one else. Just because someone has all the proper requirements for owning a concealed weapon doesn’t mean the people are any safer.

Also, this proposition could lead to more violence. The weaponry could easily fall into the hands of a person of violence and lead to fatal actions. This does not install safety, but leaves a bigger possibility for violence.

Allowing this would also cause more accident prone problems. This leaves teachers and students in more danger than they could possibly be in before. Students could get a hold of it and a potentially fatal accident could happen.

Since making the school a safe environment for everybody is critical the situation would call for a better proposition. Teachers that are a great distance from School Resource Officers should be able to carry a taser with them to be able to euthanize someone.

All in all, we should let the officers that patrol the school do their job protecting us, and not take matters into our own hands.

National Signing Day!

National signing day is the day that high school athletes get the spotlight they have worked for throughout their athletic career. This is the day across the country that these athletes get to sign their athletic papers and fully commit themselves to a specific school.

Here at Mesquite HS we had a hand full of athletes sign their papers and commit themselves to an athletic program. Out of our sports teams here at MHS, we had three boys and one girl signing papers and fully committing to a program.

Out of the boys all three were football players. All of them either signed to a Division II school or a Junior College. Jandt Weary signed to Arkansas Tech University, a school in the NCAA Division II. Weary, clearly over-joyed with the opportunity to continue his athletic career, jumped around ecstatically and was the center of the senior crowd in the room. When asked to comment on his goals for the future Weary responded with one word, “NFL”.

The second largest signing for the boys was Christian Castleberry who signed for to Texas A&M Commerce. Castleberry, who seemed to want more than his Division II opportunity, reminded me of the goals of most sports players; to make it big. When asked to make a statement Castleberry responded by saying, “It’s every players dream to play in the NFL, everyone wants to make it to the league”.

The last of the boys was Jordan Rider who signed with Cisco Junior College, a team in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). Rider, the only player signing with a junior college, was the only player to mention educational goals being important. When asked to comment he stated, “Most of all I want to stay on top of my grades and secondly, I want to fulfill my athletic goals”.

For the girls at MHS, Alyah Mitchell signed for Florida International University. Mitchell, not only signed for the largest school of the day but she was also the only person to sign for a Division I athletic program. Mitchell, who is available for Academic All-State, was hailed by Coach Webb. “Alyah has been nothing but a blessing for this program,” said Webb. “Not only was she an extension of me on the field but she also is a great student. This program is going to miss her greatly. There is not a doubt in my mind that Alyah is going to ‘slay’ it at Florida International,” said a clearly choked up Webb.”We all know why she’s going though… clearly she wants to be closer to D.Wade,” joking stated Webb during the conclusion of his speech.

Mitchell followed up Webb’s speech by making a short statement. “To everyone who has supported me throughout my high school and soccer career, I just want to say thank you,” said Mitchell who was clearly fighting back tears. Many classmates and peers were there to support Mitchell as she signed her papers. “I’m proud of her because I knew she could accomplish whatever she wanted to,” said Jesse Gutierrez, a close friend and teammate of Mitchell’s. Gutierrez was one of the many friends and family who showed up to support Mitchell. Mitchell was surrounded by loved ones as she put the pen to paper.

When asked to comment on her goals or ambitions, Mitchell responded by saying, “I plan on getting an education and in the future becoming Physician’s Assistant. I just want to say thank you to all my friends, teachers and family members who have supported me.”


Basketball Report: Skeeter’s take on the Eagles

The Skeeter boy’s basketball teams were in action last Friday night vs. the Richardson Eagles.

Varsity Skeeters
The varsity team lost to the Richardson Eagles 73-57. The Skeeters got down big and clawed their way back into the game only to run out of time as the Eagles made their free throws down the stretch to preserve the win. The Skeeters were led in scoring by Bryson Robinson with 29 points, Jared Mitchell with 17, and Kendall Smith with 7. The Skeeters were playing without 6-7 senior post Josh Nzeakor who was out of the game with an injury. Please congratulate Bryson Robinson on being selected Inside High School Sports bobble head MVPfrom the previous week. We are very proud of Bryson.

JV Skeeters
The JV basketball team rebounded from their loss vs. HP with a 54-43 win over the Eagles.  The JV Skeeters were led by Anthony McGee who scored 25 points, Mike Franklin 6 points, 6 rebounds, and Chris Crosby 6 points, 3 assist, 2 steals, and 1 block.

Freshmen Skeeters
The freshman A team won in a blowout 83-36 and the B team did as well with a 60-22 thrashing of the Eagles. The A team scoring leaders were Reggie Peck with 16 points followed by 15 points from Felix Benson. The B team was lead in scoring by Schjuan Johnson with 21 points and Ossie Foster with 12.
All teams will be in action tomorrow night vs. the North Mesquite Stallions. This will be senior night for the Skeeters.  Games times are JV and Varsity 6:00-7:30 in the main gym and Freshman A and B teams 5:30-6:45 in the small gym.

Please come out and support your Skeeter basketball teams!


Basketball Report: Skeeters take on the Stallions!

The Skeeter boy’s basketball teams were in action last night vs. the North Mesquite Stallions.

Varsity Skeeters
The varsity team beat the Stallions 60-57 in a very tight game. The Skeeters made clutch free throws down the stretch by Jared Mitchell to hang on for the win. The Skeeters were led in scoring by Courtney Jones and Jared Mitchell both with 15 points, Bryson Robinson 12 points, and Josh Nzeakor with 10 points. It was a total team effort.

JV Skeeters
The JV basketball team came out on fire and jumped on the Stallions JV early 21-0 to start the game. The young Skeeters were up 49-13 at halftime and coasted to a 78-51 victory. The Skeeters played their most complete game of the season and made a team high 12 three point shots on 24 attempts. The Skeeters were led by Anthony McGee who scored 20 of his 22 points in the first half to go along with 4 assist, Xavier Brockington 15 points, 7 assist, 2 steals, Kalon Penegraph 2 points, 11 rebounds, Tyler Battles 12 points on 4-5 shooting beyond the arch, and freshman Aaron Sanders rounding out the game leaders with 9 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 steals.

Freshmen Skeeters
The freshman A team won 59-54 and the B team won 43-32. The A team scoring leaders were Jonathan Lott with 13 points followed by 13 points from Felix Benson and Lester James with 12. The B team was lead in scoring by Schjuan Johnson with 17 points and Jaylyn Hunter with 7.
All teams will be in action Friday night vs. the John Horn Jags at Horn HS.  Games times are JV and Varsity 6:00-7:30 in the main gym and Freshman A and B teams 5:30-6:45 in the small gym. Please come out and support your Skeeter basketball teams!