Students Lead Demonstration On Campus Against Immigration Policies

The climate in the country has officially hit campus, as students walked out of class en masse to challenge the recent hardening of immigration laws in the U.S., which many of them feel will affect their families.

The walk out was expected to happen yesterday, but much to the relief of the administration it did not.

“We are [advocating] for the Mexican and proud,” said Kimberly, a student at MHS. “Thanks to two immigrants, I’m legal here… so I’m out here thanking my parents. I’m proud that I’m a legal immigrant.”

Kimberly was incredibly passionate about her cause, and the atmosphere of the crowd echoed her voice.

50+ students sat on the side of East Davis Street with signs that were aimed directly at President Trump. These scenes are incredibly familiar, as they are going on all around the nation as Trump’s campaign promises start to form into reality.

“All the kids here are helping spread the message.” said Kimberly.

Officers were on the scene as well in order to make sure that the students didn’t come into to harms way, or cause a disturbance on private property.

A police officer said, “I absolutely agree with what they’re doing, they have every right to do this as long as they obey laws and do not interrupt traffic.”

Students and parents alike are hugely impacted by the decisions made in this historic period in our lives. This demonstration seems to just be an embodiment of the concerns immigrant children and parents alike feel at home and in their daily lives.

There was also a demonstration going on at Skyline High School.

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