The “Happy” Gap

Untitled1“Teens Starving Themselves for the Thigh Gap”

by Chassidy Taylor

In the early 2000’s we had “purging”, this was the act of sticking your finger down your throat to regurgitate the newly eaten remnants of a meal to keep that girly figure,  all for the sack of our teen girls keeping up with the idealistic perception that to be beautiful you must be a living, breathing, walking, talking “Barbie” doll.

Now a new trend is surfacing that seems to leave more mouth dropping backlash.  It is known as “The Happy Gap”. It is a new,  but odd fascination splitting into teens perception of what classifies them as among the beautiful and highly worshiped models of today’s fashion and beauty industry. This “happy gap” is the space between the upper thigh area of the legs.  But what price are these young women paying to have this all but odd and unusual “gap” that seems to split them from the rest? And is this the new fad for sexy and beautiful?

According to the Toronto Sun, glamorized and glorified, teens are copying thigh gaps sported by skinny fashion models and celebrities, by dieting, exercising and outright starving themselves so their thighs don’t touch. And they share their pain, pleasure and pictures on countless forums.  Shocking images of impossibly thin thighs and alarming declarations of self-body hatred are trending worldwide, filling web pages, and Twitter profiles, dedicated to the elusive gap, like those of models Cara Delavigne and Kate Moss, and Eleanor Calder, girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

Here at Mesquite High School teen girls find it devastating how someone could just starve themselves for a long period of time just to get a models “happy gap.” Around campus I spoke with several female students, and even one male, and got their opinions on if the “happy gap” is all that appealing.

“I think if your naturally skinny, be happy, and if your heavy just make the best of it.” junior Ta’cory Rone said.  The girls here at MHS seem very baffled by this odd new trend.  “I think it is stupid, and immature that they choose to starve themselves to look like someone else”, Cynthia Bocangera said.  “I think they should live their life and be happy with the body God gave them.”

I believe that if girls my age want to lose weight they should eat healthy and exercise instead of starving themselves just because of some stupid gap between their legs.  My advice,  learn to love your body, and if you don’t, then put in the work to lose the weight, but don’t risk your health just to look pretty, remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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